by Michael BlueJay

I was surfing the web the other day and came across Vegas Click by Michael Bluejay. The site reminded me of Wizard of Odds and sure enough they are good friends.

The site has a lot of information on playing poker and casino games in Las Vegas and online. I was checking out some of the articles on the site and they are excellent. You don’t see the usual garbage reiterated on multiple gambling sites but well thought out and researched articles. A couple articles that I thought were pretty awesome and a great read:

Odds of Winning a Million Dollars – Pretty cool article and has in-depth information on your best odds for winning millions while gambling. It doesn’t have a secret formula (there is none…sorry) but talks about the different options for players looking to go for the big score.

Myths and Facts on 21 – I am pretty jealous of this page and wish I had something like it on one of my sites. He must have spent a lot of time doing the background research for this article and it really shows with his analysis of the movie and also interviews with all the real life MIT blackjack players that were portrayed in the movie.