About this site and the book

This website will provide information and advice.

I want to make the best use of my forty two years of plumbing experience. I want to be one of your trustworthy plumbing experts.

Long term, downloading or buying the paperback version of the book (OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com) will save you time.

Meanwhile, you can gather trustworthy plumbing advice from this site. As you begin to realize how important it is to focus properly on the qualifications and reputation of specialized experts, you will focus more on “experts” before you invest your time collecting expert advice. This site will help you focus on important details concerning plumbers, plumbing products and plumbing advice.

Timely, trustworthy research is essential. If you have ever been overwhelmed as you try to decide which “expert” to believe, Mike’s book and this website can help. You will save lots of time and avoid lots of confusion as you learn to focus on important details and collect only trustworthy advice.

You can avoid common mistakes and benefit from the mistakes of others. For more than forty years, Mike has helped customers solve plumbing problems in the home. He always tries to figure out why mistakes were made and how to avoid future problems. With Mike’s help, you can save time and money as you avoid aggravation. The sanitation in your home is directly affected by the plumbing decisions you make.

Dangerously bad plumbing decisions frequently result from bad advice. Bad decisions can create unhealthy living conditions (unsanitary indoor environment). Your best chance of making the safest decisions requires timely trustworthy research. Mike wants to help.