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Learn More About the Cape Wind Debate

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The Cast

Groups For the Project

Groups Against the Project

Groups in the Middle


  • Cape Cod Times - The only daily newspaper on Cape Cod with an extensive resource page on the proposed wind farm.
  • Cape Cod Today - A news and resource page covering all things Cape Cod.
  • A Mighty Wind - The New York Times Magazine article about the Cape Wind debate by Elinor Burkett..

Wind Energy Resources

  • Horns Rev - The website for Horns Rev the only offshore wind farm currently operational in the world - off the coost of Denmark.
  • American Wind Energy Association - A group promoting wind energy in America.
  • GE Energy - The company contracted to build the turbines for the Cape Wind Project. A division of the General Electric Company.
  • Airtricity - The company building Ireland first offshore wind farm off the coast of near the city of Arklow.

Web Video Resources

  • Greenpeace Wind PSA - The Public Service Announcement featured in Wind Over Water.
  • Horns Rev Video - Video from the only offshore wind farm operational in the world off the coast of Denmark. Some footage featured in Wind Over Water.


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