CrossMap is a MIDI Mapping Utility to build Mappings for Cross. The main focus of this application is to full Support all Advanced MIDI Mapping Features from Cross like Device Events, 14Bit, Maps and more. Later this Year I plan to launch a Cloud Service to share Mappings.


 CrossMap (Windows) Version 0.8.62
 CrossMap (Mac OS X) Version 0.8.62

CrossMap Features:

  • MIDI Output support.
  • Output Modifier
  • Named Ranges
  • Cross 2.5 support
  • Source Editor with Online Validation.
  • Cut, Copy & Past. (You can use this to copy & past mapping to the Mixvibes forum to)
  • Invert Output Mappings (LED on to LED off)
  • Copy and Convert Input Mapping to Output Mapping (for example build a mapping for the Play button and Copy Convert the input to a LED)
  • MIDI Output Test (you can test your output from CrossMap)
  • MIDI Learn with value detection (press a button twice to toggle from note off to note on)
  • In App Bug and Feature Reporter.

CrossMap Bugs and Missing Stuff:

  • Input Mapping is buggy.
  • Online Validation not support advanced stuff like 14Bit MIDI
  • No Device events and 14Bit MIDI
  • Missing MIDI Input Test
  • Change Icon don’t work


7 thoughts on “CrossMap”

  1. Ho provato la versione 8.62, quando esegue il test va in crash.
    utilizzo 8.1, ho provato anche in compatibilità windows xp.
    Vorrei, in questo caso, far funzionare i led del vu-meter di un “dj-tech mixer one”.
    I tried the version 8.62 , when implementing the test crashes . tradotto con google>>
    using 8.1 , I tried in windows xp compatibility .
    I would like , in this case , operate the LEDs of the vu-meter of a ” dj – tech mixer one” .
    any advice?

      1. è la prima volta che uso il programma, inserisco una riga per prova, poi clicco su test e il programma va in crash, “crossmap.exe ha smesso di funzionare” si è verificato un problema che impedisce il funzionamento corretto del programma
        is the first time you use the program, i insert a row for the test , then I click on the test and the program crashes , ” crossmap.exe stopped working ” is a problem that prevents proper operation of the program

  2. Would you know how to midi map cross DJ and Midi fighter 3D, to have each pad in sampler light up in midi fighter

    Meaning have the sampler send midi out and have Midi fighter 3D display what pads are playing.

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