Texas to be new national nuclear waste dump for weapons factories and power plants The 2003 78th Texas Legislature gave the company WCS in Andrews Co. the big chance to open 2 huge waste dumps and import over 162 million cubic feet of nuclear waste to dispose- over 60 times more waste as estimated for the defeated Sierra Blanca dump of the 90's. Most from cleaning up facilities in the nuclear weapons complex. License for that facility was approved in 2008   More planned right next to WCS In Eunice, NM. on the lot next to WCS, int'l URENCO pushes to open a new uranium enrichment plant. The industry also calls for a second plant to prepare waste for disposal at WCS Also in Andrews Co.: Experimental Pebble Bed Modular Reactor proposed by UT System and General Atomics UT System has announced that the experimental reactor would add to the other proposed Andrews sites. Gas cooled reactors such as this also use graphite, which is used in Chernobyl-type reactors. Mishaps at Texas nuclear plants - More Reactors in planning In early 2005 at South Texas Project, reactor coolant water later found leaking at a rate of a gallon every 10 minutes. In 2003, a smaller leak in coolant at South Texas was publicized, while the discovery at Comanche Peak of 2Lbs of boron residue from cooling water was found caking up inside of the control rod mechanism went barely reported. Since 2007, Exelon is reported to seek a license for reactors they would operate, and an attempt for one or more reactors at South Texas is also on the table.

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