At the end of 2014, there were 183,600 tonnes of stocks in existence above ground. If every single ounce of this gold were placed next to each other, the resulting cube of pure gold would only measure 21 metres in any direction. While its rarity endures, the sources of gold have become as geographically-diverse as gold demand.

China is the largest producer in the world in 2014, accounting for around 15 per cent of total production. Asia as a whole produces 22 per cent of the total newly-mined gold. Central and South America produces around 17 per cent of the total, with North America supplying around 15 per cent.

Around 20 per cent of production comes from Africa and 14 per cent from the CIS region, where new discoveries and new operations offer opportunities for economic growth and development. Recycling accounts for around one third of the total supply of gold.

Our Members, who include some of the world’s largest gold mining companies in the world, continue to invest in new technologies, processes and exploration in order to support the ongoing demand for gold, but ensuring that it is done in a responsible way.