I first started to think seriously about procedural textures when I was working on TRON at MAGI in Elmsford, NY, in 1981. TRON was the first movie with a large amount of solid shaded computer graphics. This made it revolutionary. On the other hand, the look designed for it by its creator Steven Lisberger was based around the known limitations of the technology.

Lisberger had gotten the idea for TRON after seeing the MAGI demo reel in 1978. He then approached the Walt Disney Company with his concept. Disney's Feature Film division was then under the visionary guidance of Tom Wilhite, who arranged for contributions from the various computer graphics companies of the day, including III, MAGI, and Digital Effects.

Working on TRON was a blast, but on some level I was frustrated by the fact that everything looked machine-like. In fact, that became the "look" associated with MAGI in the wake of TRON. So I got to work trying to help us break out of the "machine-look ghetto."