Excellence And Experience That Gets You Results

My name is Sunjay Varma. I am all about creating things that are amazing. My goal in any project is to produce the most outstanding product possible.

More than just a programmer, web developer or future computer engineer, I have the ability to pick up on the little details that make a project great. I can provide you with a product that thoroughly covers even the smallest things that other developers might miss. Those details add up to a better experience for you, and for the people working with what we’re making.

I’ll take on whatever system you’re working in. Having written hundreds of thousands of lines of code over the years in a variety of languages and frameworks, I will find a way to pick up and master anything I need to in order to accomplish what I’m after.

One of my many projects, Genius Tic-Tac-Toe is a large, feature-packed web application. I have designed, developed and implemented every one of its details. It is user-friendly, looks great on any screen size and is built to last.

Though some of it was written over a year ago, I can still go back and edit any of it with complete confidence. That is not something most people can say about the projects that they create.

I’m all about producing excellence both in what the client will see and in what the developer will be working with.

This website is where you get to see the supreme quality of my work. I write about my projects and talk about some things you might not usually think about. Whether you’re looking to read about Python ProgrammingWeb Development or anything beyond that, I’m interested in talking to you about everything that is awesome.

Reach me using my Contact page or by leaving a comment on one of my blog posts.

Let’s build something amazing.