Church in Máriaremete

Máriaremete church

The church of Máriaremete has a story. Around 1760 a Swiss lady called Katrin Thalweiser has moved to Hungary and she brought a painting of St. Maria the virgin. She left the painting on a tree at the place where the church is located now. Local people visited that picture as a holy place and someone built a wooden chapel around the tree in 1809. The church that you can see on the photo was built in 1899.

I finished my small research on the City Daily Photo blog polls. The report you can read here. Any comments are welcomed:)


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  1. Steven Que says:

    hello Hungary! I really really like your blog! Your photos are stunning and your descriptions are really a great job! More power to your great blog and please do come visit Cavite Daily Photo whenever your free! Have a great Weekend!

  2. z says:

    Curious history behind the church…

    I’m sorry I missed your poll. In recent times, I’ve found it very difficult to find time to visit the portal, and even to come by and visit my friends who comment on my blog as you can see. :-(

  3. Trotter says:

    Hi Zsolt! Just a speedy visit to say hello! I’ve been busy the whole last week and will be out in the next, so this is far less than your blog deserves… ;(( But I promise I’ll come back with more time after June 10th, at least…
    Anyhow, loved to see the beautiful picture!
    Meanwhile, to avoid leaving you empty hands, I published a last post on Marrakesh 2006 at >Blogtrotter. ;))

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