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Skis - Parts, Anatomy, Types, Ski Length, and Buying Guide

Before you can learn Skiing, you will first need to learn about its primary piece of equipment: the Skis. A Ski is a narrow, flat-bottomed device with a slightly pointed and upturned Tip to prevent digging into the show. It is attached to the Ski Boots of the Skier by means of Bindings. You will need to know what a Ski consists of and its elements before you can choose which Ski is best for you and how you should use your Skis.

Parts and Features of Skis Parts and Features of Skis
Skis are one of the pieces of equipment in Skiing you must have in order to ski. In this section, you will know the different Parts and Functions of Skis to help you choose the appropriate pair. Learning the different parts and functions can help you use the ski more effectively.

Anatomy and Construction of Skis Anatomy and Construction of Skis
Skis vary in the materials they are made of. In this section, you will know the different kinds of construction used, the features of each material and how each one is uniquely designed to suit your own needs. Click on this section for more information.

Types of Skis Types of Skis
For every type of Skiing, there is also a particular type of Ski which should be used. Each ski type is designed specifically on where they would be used. The basic types of Skis, its own unique features and applications can be found in this section.

Facts about Ski Stiffness Facts about Ski Stiffness
In this section, we will find out the facts about Ski Stiffness which is the result of how skis are constructed and how it can affect your Skiing Performance. Learn more about the two types of Stiffness here so you can be able to be familiar with this element.

Ski Length Ski Length
Snowshack: Ski and Snowboard Stuff

Ski Length greatly affects your Skiing performance. There are many things to consider in choosing the right ski length for you. In this section, we can help you determine the right Ski Length that is most suitable for you and your needs.

Taking Care of Your Skis Taking Care of Your Skis
One must know the different ways on how to take care of their Skis in order to maintain high performance. You can find out more about how to take care of your skis, ski tuning, how to wax and where to store your skis in this section.

Ski Buying Guide - How to Buy Skis Ski Buying Guide - How to Buy Skis
You usually begin Skiing by renting Skiing equipment. Now that you have learned the sport, you might want to consider buying your own equipment. Here are the different guidelines that can aid you in buying the appropriate Skis.

Ski Rental Ski Rental
In an equipment rental area, make sure to take time in choosing the right pair of Skis for you. Having the appropriate Skis will help ensure enjoyment and safety in the slopes.

Ski Equipment - To Buy or To Rent? Ski Equipment - To Buy or To Rent?
A question many intermediate skiers ask is "What Skis should I buy?" when in fact, the first question should be "Do I need to buy Skis at all?" In this section, learn when it is worth buying Ski Equipment and when it is better to rent.

Skis are the focal point of Skiing as far as equipment is concerned. There are literally hundreds of variations of Skis commercially available, so it will be much better if you know the different features and characteristics of Skis so you will be able to identify what Skis will suit your Skiing needs and it will also narrow down your selection.

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