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Garage Rockers the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL had their time keeping kept by 'Carlo Von Sexron' on drums, a.k.a. Josh Homme of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and KYUSS repute. The project was first aired during early 2002 as the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE pairing of Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, in union with AMEN's Casey Chaos and drummer Shannon Larkin embarked on this less than expected diversion. Larkin also held antecedent credits with acts such as WRATHCHILD AMERICA and UGLY KID JOE.

Initially titled HEAD BAND upon initial press releases, this unit debuted with an inclusion on the 1998 DESERT SESSIONS 'Volumes 3-4'. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL was set to issue the album 'Peace Love And Death Metal' through Homme's own Rekords label in 2002. However, the endeavour evolved, seeing Homme joined by guitarist / singers Timmy 'Tipover' Van Hamel and Jesse 'J. Devil Huge' Hughes. THE DISTILLERS Brody Dalle would also be in evidence under the nom de guerre of 'Baby Duck'. The album included a wry take on STEELERS WHEEL's 'Stuck In The Middle With You' re-branded 'Stuck In The Metal'.

Oddly, the bands July 2004 single 'A Pair Of Queens' comprised two QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE cover versions in 'Go With The Flow' and 'Gonna Leave You'. That September Joey Castillo assumed the drum position. The EAGLES OF DEATH METAL recorded a brand new album in just eight days as 2004 closed, entitled 'Death Is Sexy'.

The band issued an exclusive limited edition single at their 2006 UK shows supporting the FOO FIGHTERS. The white label, hand-stamped 7" single, limited to 500 copies, featured new songs 'Shasta Beast' and a demo version of 'I Want You So Hard'. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL supported THE STROKES in the USA during March and April 2006. October and November US shows would be partnered with JOAN JETT prior to seeing EAGLES OF DEATH METAL set to open for GUNS N' ROSES beginning November 24th in Cleveland and scheduled to run through until December 20th in Universal City, California. However, the band only lasted for the first show. They received such a poor reception from GUNS N' ROSES fans they were unceremoniously dumped from the tour. During the headliners set frontman Axl Rose branded the band the "Pigeons Of Shit Metal".

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