Insulated Dog House Plans

Insulated Dog House Plans

 1 Dog / 1 Door Insulated Dog House

Insulated Dog House is for those k-9 owners who want to provide their dogs with the ultimate in luxury and comfort for a dog house. We started building these insulated dog houses over 35 years ago, for law enforcement agencies only. After many years of building and selling, we are now offering our insulated dog house plans to the general public.


Insulated Dog House Plans

 2 Dog / 1 Door Insulated Dog House  

Each insulated dog house was designed with the comfort of the pet and the convenience of the owner in mind. The dog house plans are created with many helpful features, like the hinged roof for easy cleaning and the removable wind wall. The dog houses are also fully insulated, in the floor, walls and roof.


Insulated Dog House Plans

 2 Dog / 2 Door Insulated Dog House

We have over 50 different sets of insulated dog house plans, and all of them are made to accommodate 1, 2, or 3 dogs.  All k-9s, large or small, we have a set of insulated dog house plans to cater to their needs. If you have a k-9 that has special needs, we can custom draw dog house plans for you.


Insulated Dog House Plans

3 Dog / 1 Door Insulated Dog House

If you would like to see customer completed insulated dog houses, or read more about the insulated dog house plans that will accommodate your needs, click here. 

Dog House Plans

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