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This sounds a lot like a plot summary I read about a year ago. After seeing the trailer, it does seem like this is pretty much going to be the movie. There are even bits in it that have been confirmed by video of the filming, like checking out the Firehouse (apparently thats the Ernie Hudson cameo moment). The dragon was in the plot summary I read too, along with the vomiting ghost at the beginning and the video being posted on youtube. Ive even heard that there is going to be a male and female Slimer.

The cameos by the original cast line up exactly how the rumors of the reshoots were going, all the way down to Aykroyds line.

Unless OP is a pretty big liar, this very well may end up being the movie.

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Heres the plot summary you probably read:

There are some pretty big differences from what the OP here is claiming he saw, but then again, this was a plot outline from about a year ago. This was confirmed legit- at least in that it gave the names of all 4 characters quite awhile before they were officially announced.

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I did read that one, but I cant remember if this is the one Im referring to as that one seemed longer. I want to say I read an actual script treatment that was a few pages long. Perhaps part of the Sony leak.

The differences you refer to would be ironed out in rewrites and reshoots.

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Ive not read that before, thanks! It does pretty much fit with what OP described. Id forgotten about Chris Pratt working on his own script too... Does anyone know if thats still a thing?

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Ill check back on the Ernie Hudson cameo at work but I think its at the end with Jones, has to do with the cadillac I thought it was him but he looked so different and older

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Well, I know the scene was shot in front of Hook and Ladder 8, so I assume its when they move into the firehouse at the end? I assumed Ernie Hudson was a real estate agent showing them the firehouse from the photos of the shoot but I guess hes Leslies characters uncle or something? If I remember correctly, he wore a nice suit and was talking to Leslie Jones with the girls standing nearby.

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They are there around the beginning/middle of the movie when searching for an HQ but cant afford it. They start renting the old firehouse after theyve saved the city. Thats gotta be Hudson with the cadillac at the end of the movie, Im pretty sure they give it back to him but it doesnt make sense because the cadillac looks normal. Ill have to watch that part again. Thanks.

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Dont forget that the cast cameos all had reshoots, so its possible the scene I saw being filmed isnt used in the final film. Its possible they give him back the Caddy so that the next film can have a modern Ecto-1 with a car company tie-in.

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Haha yeah, probably going to cash in a prius or Tesla Ecto

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Alright saw the scene again and heres a few lines as well. Its at the end, Jones uncle, (Ernie Hudson) owns a hearse company and he comes to their new HQ pulling up in another hearse. and asks, "Wheres the car?" Slimer and female slimer stole the ghostbusters car and drove it into the portal during Rowans final form fight. So Jones wants another one. Hudson replies "I got four funerals this weekend. I cant do it with one hearse." Jones says, "cant you do two at a time?" Hudsons says "Im not stacking em like flapjacks!"

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So basically McCarthy is just playing Tammy, pretending to be a scientist. That seems to be her only range.

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Well the original Ghostbusters were accused of pretending to be scientists by the dean.

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Sigh. Chris Hemsworth, you disappoint your countrymen.

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He does? From the sounds of it, he seems like one of few redeemable aspects about the movie. But being that its being described as terrible across the board, it isnt enough to save it.

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Huh. My husband said the same thing. Maybe hes the only thing worth seeing.

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Was this accurate at all?


Here’s my take on it: It’s a reboot of the franchise in a world (our world) that has never actually had any legitimate contact with the ghost world. Our villain ghost is an executed murderer, a Ted Kazinski type (think Peter Dinklage) who has left behind a manifesto of how he wants to change and destroy the world. When his execution is hit by a supercharged electrical storm, he is turned into a powerful ghost able to rouse other villainous spirits from the ghost world to carry out the ever-expanding plans of his manifesto. Our four new female Ghostbusters come together in an origin story that sees them forming a team based on their diverse skills and plays with the invention and trial-and-error of their various Ghostbusting technology and techniques as they try to stop the villain and his ever growing force of evil ghosts, which is a boring way of saying that we’ll see four very different women come together and figure out in funny, scary and action-packed ways how to save New York City and the world.

This first film will deal with this one mission and the formation of our team and the evolution of their hardware and by the end result in them forming their actual Ghostbusters business, versus starting a business mid-film like the original movie. However, I would like to keep their business as a secret government agency in a world where the government has worked hard to cover up the events of this first reboot in order to keep the public from knowing that there is now a possible reoccurring ghost threat over our country. (I’m playing with the idea that, a la Close Encounters, the government stages an evacuation of mid-town Manhattan to keep the public from knowing about the ghost threat, so that even though most of mid-town Manhattan is a mess after the final battle, they are able to explain it away as a gas explosion or something to that effect. This will keep the franchise from having to denounce the Ghostbusters in a sequel or drop them back into a world in which the public is now fully aware of ghosts. This will give the franchise much more longevity. There’s a funny dynamic we want to play with where the government eventually starts working with the Ghostbusters but has to keep denouncing them publicly, having a Cecily Strong type character always saying terrible things about them in press conferences and then apologizing to them behind the scenes, even though her public attacks on them get more and more personal. “I’m sorry, I just have to make it sound convincing.”)

Tonally, the movie will be a bit scarier and more hi-tech than the original and the set pieces will be bigger, while still being very funny. For example, I want in the third act to have the entire police force and army accompany the Ghostbusters to the final battle but since our villain only wants to deal with the Ghostbusters and wants to make the government look ridiculous, he possesses the entire police and army forces and makes them do a big ridiculous dance number in the middle of Fifth Avenue, thus neutralizing them (and delighting himself). I think that having our main villain be both evil and funny in the ways screws with our world as he’s trying to carry out the points of his manifesto (get revenge on everyone who slighted him, humiliate and take down Wall Street, make the United States look ridiculous to the rest of the world and eventually destroy NYC, which to him is the brain of the US), as well as have fun with the ghosts he picks to carry out various tasks (could be all dead villains and famous criminals he recruits from the ghost world and - in what I think could be a billion dollar idea - recruits the ghosts of evil beings from other parts of the universe - yes, ghost aliens! “Our world isn’t the only place in the universe with bad and dangerous beings that have died, you know. There’s a lot of bored dead monsters out there who are just looking for something to do.”)

Anyway, these are all things we’re experimenting with and are looking forward to exploring as we write the first draft. I hope this helps in your lunch.

Break a leg! :0)


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Theres also stuff in there about trying to sue Bill Murray into doing a cameo

Sony has no shame

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In order to more fully evaluate our position if Bill Murray again declines to engage on “Ghostbusters”, AG requested that we identify “aggressive” litigation counsel with whom we can consult to evaluate our alternatives and strategize.


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Holy fuck. That explains that!

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I wonder if that is how they got the rest of them to come back. IIRC Earnie Hudson said he didnt think this movie would work, then all of a sudden he changed his tune and is in the movie.

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Wow. That is literally retarded.

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in what I think could be a billion dollar idea

This was definitely written after a big hit of coke.

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Spared no expense.

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No man, Alien Ghosts! Is a BILLION dollar idea.

I cant believe this moron actually made Freaks and Geeks. Its so mind boggling.

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It makes perfect sense. Pour your heart and soul into a series with genuine moments and releatable characters and you get cancelled halfway to the season. Whore yourself to the lowest common denominator and you get mad recognition and cash.

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Actually, giant mechanical spiders are a billion dollar idea

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This first film

This first film!? For the love of all that is noodly.. please no!

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What in the actual screaming blue fuck

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Tonally, the movie will be a bit scarier and more hi-tech than the original and the set pieces will be bigger, while still being very funny.

God, I hate how these people talk.

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Its like the whole "We work hard, and we play harder" routine shitty employers use to woo potential applicants.

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I like Feig and all, though I think his direction for Ghostbusters has been a misstep, but every time I read this and other Sony emails I cant help but to picture him as Tom Purdy from the Birthday Boys.

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I can only picture him as Mr. Poole from Sabrina The Teenage Witch or the skinny counselor from Heavyweights.

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The possession dancing is mentioned there.

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Oh shit I really hope that doesnt happen. It sounds so dumb. I want to see this cause its ghostbusters and Kate McKinnon looks actually really good in it but fuck it sounds bad.

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look at the time travel pic someone posted here somewhere. theres a HUGE crowd of ghosts, at the exact positioning and spacing for a big dance number. :(

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Its the army that dances, hemsworth controls them.

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"Hi-tech" is not a tone.

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"Tonally, the movie will be a bit scarier" lol not with all the terrible Scooby-Doo fluorescent cgi ghosts in the trailer.

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God damn what is Feig smoking?

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Wow. So this explains why his movies arent funny. He has no sense of humor. Face. Palm.

(I hate when people cut up sentences for emphasis, but it was necessary here.)

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The first time I saw the technique was Grant Morrison writing Gorilla Grodd in an issue of JLAClassified: "This. Is. Just. The. Beginning. Of. My. Rape. Of. Nations." - I liked that one, but it has become overused.

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I didnt realise until I read these comments that they want this to be a new franchise. Ugh.

Here is hoping this pulls a fantastic four, and bombs at the box office and they nix everything.

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Agreed. I was a GB fan since I was about 4, but I simply cant support this movie and dont want to see the franchise continue on from this reboot. Id much rather the franchise was left to rest, with the exception of IDW continuing their excellent work. I was behind GB3 as long as it had Dan and Harold, to the extent that I would have accepted Bill Murray not taking part - Dan and Harold were the must-haves as far as Im concerned. Once Harold passed, that was it. I didnt want to see any new Ghostbusters movie.

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You might be the first person (besides me) to say no movie would be better than a bad movie. Just let Ghostbusters go and start some other movie franchise

Ghostbusters is the one thing Im too close to for me to be able to stomach a remake. I mean, Egon is dead.... let it go.

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Ghostbusters has become a ghost of its former self that needs to be stuffed in the trap and locked away.

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Well, the thing is, it is more of an opportunity cost thing in the end. Theyre making shitty sequels instead of new IP because audiences reward them for it.

If audiences start really punishing shitty sequels, theyll stop making them. Basic economics, really.

[–]Esemjayes3 points4 points (0 children)

I feel like statistically, it would be impossible to punish them. Too many people would just go see certain films even if theyre horrible because they grew up with it or something.

[–]cartoonistaaron8 points9 points (6 children)

Yeah, I know.... the part of my brain that understands money knows that.... but the part of my brain that loves Ghostbusters (which is most of it, honestly) is just plain angry and sad that theyre giving me a thing Ive wanted for decades, but theyre taking everything I loved out of it and replacing it with a bunch of shit I dont care about...

Ghostbusters is the one thing Im 100% an unapologetic angry nerd about. Do what you will to my Ninja Turtles - take Superman or Batman and run them thru the wringer - Star Wars? Who cares! But Ghostbusters?! Have they no decency?!

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To be fair there IS a Ghostbusters 3. Its the Atari published video-game (its on Steam still if you PC Game). It was written and voiced by the original crew. It continues the storyline after GB2. You play a voiceless new recruit and the whole game feels amazing. It has throwbacks to the first two movies and rolls with the comedy. Its very fun to play and the story is absolutely top notch.

[–]rufio_vega5 points6 points (0 children)

Rookie even appears in the IDW comic, which is set in the same continuity as the original movies and game.

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It helps that Ramis and Aykroyd punched up the script, and all four original GBs reprised their roles, complete with in-game likenesses.

[–]btowntkd2 points3 points (3 children)

Ive played and replayed this game every year since release; its fucking phenomenal.

[–]G8kpr8 points9 points (2 children)

The worst part is, is that it could have easily worked, but they got the wrong actors, the wrong director, they just took one mis-step after another. Like you said, its another fantastic four, another amazing spider-man, you have to start wondering what is going on at Sony, how can they bungle these slam dunks

[–]tiberseptim371 point2 points (1 child)

you have to start wondering what is going on at Sony, how can they bungle these slam dunks

When you put it that way, it makes me really feel sorry for them...

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I guess when you hire a high profile director like Paul Feig to create a funny movie, and its not.. then Sony says "what the fuck Feig? what happened?"

In my opinion, his movies arent funny. I cant stand McCarthy at all, shes always the dumb fat girl that causes problems. Its the exact same character in every movie. I vaguely knew who Wiig was, but even she doesnt really come across as hilarious, not in the way that Tiny Fey, or Amy Poehler does. Shes just kinda there.

I had no idea who Leslie Jones is, but having looked her up, it appears that Chris Rock forced Lorne Michaels to even let her on SNL as a writer. Shes just the loud unfunny one. Then McKinnon... again, no idea who she is.

So as a "Typical" audience person, who doesnt watch SNL anymore... You have 2 out of your 4 stars unknowns, and 1, that I sorta know, but not really... the only one I recognize was McCarthy, and when I heard she was cast, I groaned "oh god, no!"

I know there are lots that say Bridesmaids was hilarious and funny, but my wife and I thought it was painfully bad, we just didnt laugh once. It was all stupid slapstick and potty humour and just meh... Then I spoke to a co-worker who said his wife hated it too.. SO maybe we werent in the minority. I dunno.

But using that team, to reboot Ghostbusters? wow... I really cant fathom that.

This is really a "What the fuck were they thinking?"

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Theres a good chance youll get your wish. About three quarters of the votes on youtube for the trailer are downward. Thats over 300,000 downvotes in a few days, which is also pretty telling. Thats too many votes to be the sexist trolls the studio kept claiming were the heart of the pushback. Even some supporters have admitted that the trailer looks less than great (I would say terrible, at least insofar as comedy is concerned). This is a bigger fuckup than the Amazing Spider-Man movies, since Sony cant turn to Marvel to bail them out on this one. The studio is also desperately in need of another tentpole franchise, especially now that it has basically signed a profit and creative sharing agreement with Marvel on Spider-Man.

[–]G8kpr19 points20 points (7 children)

Exactly.. Its getting massive hate online, but it is only the first trailer. However this early report of the movie just shows how badly off the rails its gone. If this is indeed true (which I think it is), I think that fans will hate it, casual fans will dislike it, someone looking for s good comedy will hate it, and idiots that will watch any movie where Melissa McCarthy falls down all over herself and acts the fool, will give it five stars and think its hilarious.

Just a shame really, because it could have been something cool... But as usually, the people behind it dont give s fuck, and are clueless. They think they know the source material, but theyre actually really out of touch.

[–]AsmundGudrod5 points6 points (6 children)

If this is indeed true (which I think it is), I think that fans will hate it, casual fans will dislike it, someone looking for s good comedy will hate it, and idiots that will watch any movie where Melissa McCarthy falls down all over herself and acts the fool, will give it five stars and think its hilarious.

So another $400m+ blockbuster?

[–]Throwawayfortheghost3 points4 points (0 children)

Fantastic Four is a very apt comparison, though it seems that Sony has decided to more or less stay the course instead of risking the possibility of greater losses through extensive reshoots. This may really piss of Fantastic Four fans, but I actually think Fox and Sony should have swapped strategies with their respective troubled projects. A Fantastic Four film in the vein of Cronenbergs The Fly sounds a lot more interesting to me than the total cluster fuck that movie turned out to be after reshoots. Meanwhile, Sony could have swallowed its pride and pushed back to a halloween opening to do modest reshoots that would tone down the comedy and bring in the established universe. Hudson doesnt command a massive salary and Aykroyd seems so eager that hed have paid Sony to be in it (exaggerating, but barely).

[–]MetalOrgy18 points19 points (3 children)

Yeah I heard about Logo ghost being the final big bad but then who the hell is this?!

[–]Kurai_465 points6 points (0 children)

well, basing what OP said, its the ghost from the concert

[–]Esemjayes12 points13 points (7 children)

Am I the only one disappointed by these cameos? I thought the would be better than this...

[–]BrapadooMan8 points9 points (6 children)

Well, among other things. All this nostalgia they could have capitalized on and they fudged it.

[–]Esemjayes5 points6 points (5 children)

Right. Why didnt they have them follow in their footsteps or something. Like they are legends or something? I dont get that.

[–]Hiccup3 points4 points (1 child)

Be related, as in their kids or nieces and nephews (guess that might be Leslie Jones character but not known until the end). I could think of quite a few ways to being in new characters without making the originals seemingly imaginary

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (0 children)

Right exactly.

[–]Crowbar_Faith12 points13 points (4 children)

Looks like Ghostbusters II is about to get a whole new level of appreciation.

[–]D4RTHV3DA1 point2 points (1 child)

I have been looking at GB2 real fondly the last few days. Its not nearly as good as the first film, but it is leagues ahead of what weve seen so far for 2016.

[–]itrainmonkeys1 point2 points (0 children)

Ive always loved it. The Scoleri Brothers courtroom scene is one of my favorite Ghostbuster moments ever.

[–]owen_birch45 points46 points (2 children)

Im Paul Feig and this whole post is absolutely true.

[–]Baz8522 points23 points (1 child)

Well I had my doubts, but now Im ready to believe you.

[–]Clamper22 points23 points (4 children)

According to the rumor mill Ive listened too. The Bill Murrey cameo was explained in the Sony email leaks. They had some leftover contract loophole forcing him too appear or theyd sue the shit out of him. I assume the same is true for every other cameo except maybe Dan.

[–]ScoochMagooch21 points22 points (0 children)

Yea Dan doesnt give a shit hell do anything, he did a Ghostbuster cameo in Casper for Gods sake.

[–]madgeordierob13 points14 points (2 children)

I honestly just think they threw enough money at Bill and co to make it worth turning up for a day - thats why Im so certain this will flop, $150mil is the official budget but behind closed doors Sony execs will be adding to that the cost of the cameos and so the amount this movie has to make is probably more than anyone can accurately guess.


What I really picked up on in the leaked emails was the urgency and determination to get Dan and Ivan on board or out of the picture, and the sudden urgency to get the film made (offhand I remember an email saying they HAD to have a script ready to go by January 2015 or something like that). If you want to talk about potential contract loopholes, then reading between the lines I think Sony only had a cettain amount of time remaining to shit or get off the pot, at which point the rights would totally revert to Dan and Ivan as franchise creators and theyd be free to take it to another studio. And if thats true, it makes Dan and Ivans caving in even more disappointing.

[–]Fluffenpuffen12 points13 points (1 child)

Im not so sure about the former. Bill Murray has always appeared to be a does-whatever-the-fuck-he-wants kinda guy. Being that hes probably in a fairly comfortable position money wise, I dont think hed cave to Sony unless hed want to appear in the movie, or, worst case, was being strong armed into it. I hope not. Id like to think he just wanted to give the movie the benefit of the doubt, and lent his appearance for that reason, while still being reasonably skeptical.

As far as that release deadline goes. It doesnt surprise me one bit. Sony has been doing this for years. They completely screwed up Spider-Man 3 because they essentially gave Sam Raimi, who was directing it as well as involved in its writing, the ultimatum that hed either finish the movie before an unreasonable deadline, or theyd start the series anew. Then unsurprisingly, the movie was completely rushed, and they started the franchise again anyway. Then it happened again with The Amazing Spider-Man series.

[–]ocassionallyaduck9 points10 points (0 children)

I think Murray has always been fairly independent, but he didnt free himself of these kind of contract obligations until much later in his career after establishing himself as more than just a goofy funnyman, much of which happened around/after Ghostbusters. He has been known to occasionally sign onto things without reading into the details too, like assuming Garfield was the Cohen brothers, not a guy named Cohen.

He didnt want to reappear for the Ghostbusters video game, but was convinced after extensive pressure from Akroyd I believe because it wouldnt work if he bailed, and the rest of the cast and staff could really use the paycheck. But I doubt that angle would work here, unless they were gonna try and like, shame him for not supporting the new cast or something. I dunno, I dont see this angle being relevant.

Either way, he seems content to leave these properties behind. I imagine it was a bunch of money for barely any work, or they found some kind of amazing loophole in the contract compelling him to make an appearance.

[–]parkman4719 points20 points (3 children)

Ernie Hudson?? = Not sure if he was in this movie, havent seen what he looks like now that hes older

Literally looks the same as 1980s Ernie...

Dude has the best genes in the industry

[–]bmichaels39 points40 points (0 children)

Chocolate dont chip.

[–]Stantz1984[S]7 points8 points (1 child)

Ill check it out this week and get back to you with the exact scene, dont you worry chicken curry

[–]Stantz1984[S]2 points3 points (0 children)

Yep definitely hudson at the end, He owns the hearse company and pulls up in another hearse and Jones wants it because Slimer and female slimer drove the ghostbusters hearse into the portal.

[–]GGatwick18 points19 points (1 child)

They look at the youtube comments

What, Sony hasnt deleted them yet?

[–]Throwawayfortheghost40 points41 points (15 children)

Im taking this with a grain of salt, but can you recall if there were any references to the Hemsworth character being sexy? Something Ive suspected since the announcement of the casting is that this reboot will, in fact, be the most sexist entry in the franchise by objectifying the beefcake secretary.

[–]Stantz1984[S]37 points38 points (14 children)

Yes, at least Wiig is very obsessed with him and keeps trying to hold hands with him, McCarthy is not. Wiig says a lot, yes lets touch, hold my hand etc

[–]LegendaryCazaclaw29 points30 points (0 children)

Cant say I didnt see that coming a mile away.

[–]Stantz1984[S]16 points17 points (4 children)

Hemsworth also answers the phone with some stupid funny lines. The voice mail for the ghostbusters he says "ghostsbusters whattaya want" instead of saying please leave a message

[–]KingNewbie13 points14 points (3 children)

Thats a call back to Annie Potts reply when they got busy.

[–]cartoonistaaron30 points31 points (2 children)

But hers was character based. She was pissed off at Venkman telling her if she didnt like the gig, take a hike. It would make no sense to..... Ahhhh never mind.

[–]AetherMcLoud18 points19 points (0 children)

Hollywood nowadays thinks packing in one reference to some funny thing after the other makes funny movies. As opposed to actually writing funny stuff.

[–]KingNewbie5 points6 points (0 children)

Im with you, my expectations for this are very low. Its a tough gig making a remake, and this one appears to miss rather badly.

[–]phycologist17 points18 points (7 children)

Wes Anderson should have been given that fucking movie.

[–]David_Jay11 points12 points (6 children)

I never realized how much I wanted a Wes Anderson ghost buster movie untill now.

[–]20160304000210 points11 points (3 children)

Wes Andersons

"Ghost Hospice"

Starring Owen Wilson as "Bernard Venkman"

Jason Schwartzman as "Chas Spengler"


Gweneth Paltrow as "Anna-Maria-Cristina Barrett"


Tilda Swinton as "Slimer"

Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat

[–]David_Jay4 points5 points (1 child)

Gweneth Paltrow: "Hello. I am a ghost. May I haunt you?"

Owen Wilson: "No!"

Jason Schwartzman: <stares longingly into the distance, not answering Gweneth Paltrow>

<Up-close top-down shot of Gweneth Paltrows ghostly hand setting a phonograph needle>

This song plays

Jason Schwartzman extends a hand and Gweneth Paltrow takes it

<Long shot of Jason Schwartzman and Gweneth Paltrow dancing awkwardly in the abandoned ballroom of the Grand Romanian Hotel/Orient Express/Paltrow Manor>

Gweneth Paltrow: I killed myself, you know. Over a boy.

Jason Schwartzman: Leans in close, whispers in her ear, "That means youl be alone... forever."

Owen Wilson: Standing on the edge of the ballroom, talking to himself, "Dammit, I wanted to foxtrot with the erotic ghost women. :("

Gweneth Paltrow: <cries a single, stoic tear as Jason Schwartzman walks away>

Edit: two hours later Jason Schwartzman dies in an off-screen car crash from trying to brew the perfect cup of earl-grey tea while driving, is reunited with Gweneth Paltrow in death, they walk off into the wall together. Owen Wilson is forever alone.

[–]2016030400021 point2 points (0 children)

Needs more "Oh Whaoowhh!" from my man OW, but I like it.

[–]Ohayo_Godzillamasu3 points4 points (0 children)

I wouldnt even care if it was completely meta/cross-universe style stuff, like Bill Murray is both Peter Venkman and Bill Murray at once. He and Billy Murray would work it all out whilst sipping cocktails on a yacht somehwere off the coast of an obscure port town in Italy.

[–]Couch_Owner1 point2 points (0 children)

You had me at Wes Anderson.

[–]seenev29 points30 points (24 children)

If youre being honest, then I would assume youre risking a lot by violating the NDA they would undoubtedly have made you sign as part of your work agreement.

[–]Stantz1984[S]88 points89 points (18 children)

were treated pretty poorly and the company doesnt give a crap about us, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

[–]Molecular_Blackout21 points22 points (2 children)

\ you dropped this.

[–]Ivegottinderwarts12 points13 points (0 children)

Poor guy cant even get medical.

[–]Stantz1984[S]9 points10 points (0 children)

yep thanks!

[–]madgeordierob22 points23 points (1 child)

Implying Sony will be able to pin said person down from a single anonymous user account on reddit. Or for that matter that they dont have bigger problems than pursuing a single NDA violator for leaking plot details which at this stage of the game cant damage the movie any more than Sony have done themselves.

[–]owen_birch4 points5 points (0 children)

If youre being honest

...being the operative phrase.

[–]SeltersClassic8 points9 points (5 children)

Some scenes from the trailer (McKinnon building something) look like theyre inside the firehouse. When/how does this happen?

[–]Stantz1984[S]19 points20 points (4 children)

Thats at the very end of the movie, after theyve saved the city, McKinnon is talking about new traps and tech. You can see Sigourney Weaver barely behind a machine in that scene of the trailer. Sigourney comes out and McKinnon says shes her mentor. Sigourney is overlooking her new technology. They couldnt afford the old GB firehouse earlier in the movie cause its 21k/month for rent, thus they are above a chinese restaurant the whole movie.

[–]thomashush16 points17 points (0 children)

I just checked, and there is infact someone creeping around in the background during that scene, wearing yellow.

[–]thewanderingway1 point2 points (1 child)

Wow, so they just pulled a Amazing SpiderMan 2 Rhino on us again.

[–]AetherMcLoud8 points9 points (1 child)

Melissa McCarthy is writing a Ghosts of our Past book and keeps trying to ruin Wiigs chances at tenure by selling the book on Amazon with her as co-author and being a shitty friend in general.

Sounds like every (or rather, the only) role Melissa McCarthy ever played.

[–]jgarciaz867 points8 points (4 children)

ok the international trailer confirms this is true

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (3 children)

Yup. The concert scene is true with the green dragon thing and crowd surfing. I knew this guy was legit, way too many details to piece together for it not to be otherwise. Hed have to be RainMan.

[–]Stantz1984[S]1 point2 points (1 child)

Ten minutes to Wapner

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (0 children)

lol. I mean come one. My brain is telling me, this guy would have to be pretty smart to put all these things together. If you were just telling a story it would be one thing, but it made sense to me and fit within the context of the trailer. Also, everyone thinks the opening scene is a library but thats not what it looked like to me, it looked like roped off sections of a museum or old house like you said.

[–]amedeus10 points11 points (0 children)

Jones slaps the ghost out of McCarthy

I quit life.

[–]rockgnome10 points11 points (0 children)

Good grief... this is gonna be accurate too. Feigies will be lapping it up

[–]Y2DAZZ13 points14 points (1 child)

Is it too late to "shut this down, shut this all down" on this movie? My gozer. Sounds like a remake done very, very badly.

As far as Im concerned the video game is GB3 and the IDW comics are GB4 with a great all female GB group in it.

[–]DuplexFields9 points10 points (0 children)

IDW is doing about 10x better with Gem, Star Trek, and Transformers than the recent movie, movies, and movies/Cartoon Network series, respectively. The only licensed property theyre not as good on is My Little Pony, and thats because Sony has nothing to do with it.

[–]TotesMessenger5 points6 points (0 children)

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[–]bw11194 points5 points (1 child)

What type of phones do they have? I want to know which phone company is sponsoring this movie.

[–]Throwawayfortheghost6 points7 points (0 children)

I expect that theyll be sporting Xperias. Columbia is a subsidiary of Sony.

[–]EpicLatios5 points6 points (0 children)

This has got to be true. You called the rock concert dragon and the crowd surfing before the international trailer showed it.

[–]rockgnome7 points8 points (10 children)

Is there any purile humour (in the sink shitting, cock waving vein)

[–]Stantz1984[S]11 points12 points (9 children)

Yeah mostly by McKinnon and Hemsworth. She plays back the ghost tape and theres a farting sound. "That came from the front"

[–]Esemjayes4 points5 points (5 children)

Another question I have is, as a comedy, is this just not funny? Or as a Ghostbuster film is this just not up to par?

[–]Stantz1984[S]11 points12 points (4 children)

The kind of humor in the movie is, "oh you wanna go first? or should i go first, oh you go first, no you" and it relies on a lot of pop culture. I mostly laughed at a few of hemsworth quips, Jones was the funniest girl out of the 4.

[–]Esemjayes11 points12 points (3 children)

Jones was the funniest? Oh man I hate her style on SNL but she could be different in this film. So the humor is what we get in the trailer pretty much? I liked Bridesmaids I laughed at that. BUT, I DO NOT find that exorcist joke funny or screaming, or gross-out jokes funny.

[–]Stantz1984[S]6 points7 points (2 children)

Yep, its just a lot of that. I honestly have never seen Jones in anything.

[–]Esemjayes5 points6 points (1 child)

God, thats terrible. So overall its just a bad film? Are you fan of Bridesmaids and his other work?

[–]Stantz1984[S]10 points11 points (0 children)

Never seen anything of his. Yeah overall reeeally bad. my coworkers agree

[–]Throwawayfortheghost5 points6 points (20 children)

In your opinion, could this film have been saved in reshoots? Is there much in there that actually works, or do you think that issues like concert scene and the mass dancing crap are just too big to have been removed? I figure that you must have worked on other films have have had to go through that sort of retooling. Thanks for sharing, by the way. Obviously theres no way to verify the description until the film comes out, but it sounds pretty legit and in line with other details that have come out (particularly in the Sony hack).

[–]Stantz1984[S]19 points20 points (19 children)

I dont think it could have been saved in reshoots. I am not very experienced nor am I a film buff or thoughtful critic, just an old ghostbusters fan that was very disappointed. The jokes are sooo bad and the way the characters act is as if the audience is stupid. Its just flashy with bad jokes all over, theres no grime or grit to it

[–]Throwawayfortheghost4 points5 points (18 children)

Cheers. One other thing. Do you think this is a franchise killer? Is there any way to build on this with a seriously retooled sequel, or is the foundation so bad that the best that could be hoped for would be some loosely connected cartoon show (at most)?

[–]Stantz1984[S]11 points12 points (0 children)

I hoping since this movie doesnt really go into anything from the old ones that maybe they can make something better in the future

[–]Esemjayes0 points1 point (16 children)

Good question. I wonder why this appears to be such a miss with Feig vs his other films.

[–]LawLayLewLayLow12 points13 points (6 children)

Feig isnt even that good, and he relies heavily on raunchy humor for laughs. Its the sign of whether or not someone is actually funny or not.

Take away the script, and his filmmaking technique is actually pretty poor. Terrible cinematography, bad blocking for scenes, just bland overall.

[–]g-g-g-ghosts6 points7 points (0 children)

Not to mention he has no idea when to end a scene or cut scenes that arent particularly funny or necessary

[–]DetectiveAmes6 points7 points (3 children)

Just finished watching spy today and holy fuck that movie looked bad in terms of cinematography. Makes me bummed out they couldnt get someone more talented behind the camera.

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (2 children)

what did you think otherwise?

[–]DetectiveAmes4 points5 points (1 child)

It was pretty decent in terms of a comedy. Definitely laughed through it. For some reason though, maybe halfway or a little over half into it, melissa mcarthy just starts saying "fuck" every other word. It kinda got really annoying and the ending was a little meh. The first half is the strongest so the last half was kind of disappointing.

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (0 children)

Right. It wasnt spectacular but wasnt terrible. So, that being said, I dont know what to think about this other than I have a bad feeling. I think the vibe is wrong.

[–]Throwawayfortheghost14 points15 points (0 children)

I dont see how people who bitch about Adam Sander can also love Bridesmaids. The shit/vomit scene was as puerile as anything Ive seen in one of his films.

[–]dustingunn3 points4 points (1 child)

Ive only seen Spy from him and it was poorly edited and filled with cringe-worthy jokes. Im guessing Bridesmaids is why people like him?

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (0 children)

Spy wasnt great but I did see it in the movies. Yeah Bridesmaids is good. Its a good film.

[–]Hiccup4 points5 points (0 children)

Feig isnt that funny and severely over rated.

[–]St_Bernardus1 point2 points (1 child)


[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (0 children)

Yeah but didnt Feig come up with this crap?

[–]ecto88mph4 points5 points (1 child)


[–]RnRaintnoisepolution2 points3 points (2 children)

so what your saying is that my sister is gonna love it and Im going to have to suffer through it when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray/whatever?

[–]realuberpie11 points12 points (1 child)

My sister called me sexist for saying itd be bad then I called her sexist because she said Chris Hemsworth is hot and the main reason shell see it.

[–]RnRaintnoisepolution1 point2 points (0 children)

Oh, I know my sister wont call me sexist for not liking it, the main reason shell love it is because of Melissa McCarthy.

[–]Hiccup2 points3 points (0 children)

At this point Im ready to believe this movie doesnt exist. It just looks and sounds that bad. I just dont see it making its money back, even with an all out media blitzkrieg which I think that are going to want to push this one under the bed /carpet and eat the losses. This further tarnishes their brand and everyone involved.

[–]daveman0033 points4 points (0 children)

"There are constant references to youtube, amazon, and one to reddit (Im sorry)"

I laughed harder at this than anything else listed, so thanks OP that was hilarious.

[–]SirPhobos12 points3 points (0 children)

Goddamnit, Stantz was right. I didnt need to remindme at all.

[–]Esemjayes7 points8 points (16 children)

Um Im gonna go and say this is probably accurate. If he took the time to piece all the different info. Ive read all over the internet into one story, then kudos to him.

My only question though is, whats the motivation for the bad guy? Are they not using the concept of the gangsters from throughout history or the bad guy who gets struck by lightning while in the electric chair?

[–]Wargen-Elite4 points5 points (6 children)

Didnt someone on reddit reveal the entire plot of The Force Awakens in/around September 2015 and no one believed him?

[–]Esemjayes5 points6 points (5 children)

I didnt see that but I bet they did. Im kinda confused as to why people dont believe this dude...

[–]drummererb3 points4 points (1 child)

Like for real. If hes wrong then the movie isnt spoiled and you get a pleasant surprise. If hes right.. well.. its a fucking awful movie.

[–]Esemjayes4 points5 points (0 children)

Haha exactly. Plus, my gut tells me this is legit. All the pieces fit if that makes sense.

[–]Wargen-Elite1 point2 points (2 children)

As many have said before me, forefathers and brother browsers who partake within this comment section, abd all comment sections: "Welcome to Reddit."

[–]Esemjayes2 points3 points (1 child)

Haha. Are you saying its just par for the course.

[–]Wargen-Elite1 point2 points (0 children)

Pretty much haha

[–]Stantz1984[S]9 points10 points (8 children)

Yes, the ghosts appear to be old timey gangsters that are unleashed on the city. It has to do with the Ghosts of our Past book McCarthy wrote, Wiig is reading it and sees a lot of writings and drawings scribbled in it that main bad guy wrote since he was in their HQ possessing McCarthy, then possesses Hemsworth.

His motivation is that hes been an outcast his whole life, hates people, and feels a new beginning or era starting. I dont remember exactly what he said, keep in mind I watched this at work intermittently, so I wasnt completely focused and every detail, I didnt decide I was going to reveal the plot until after I saw the movie since I was so dissapointed.

[–]Esemjayes7 points8 points (7 children)

Well thanks for the info. Im pretty torn. I think my biggest issue is the film appears to be weak or not monumental if that makes sense. Like, Gozer was an ancient God. It seems this version is a joke or something.

[–]Stantz1984[S]1 point2 points (6 children)

Watched the scene again, he wants to break the barrier between the living and tormented dead. He can see ghosts and hes been rejected and bullied his whole life. His machine channels them and breaks the barrier, doing the opposite of what the ghostbusters are trying to do. He wants to bring about the 4th cataclysm and he says this line 2 or 3 times through the movie "And the universe shall bend to your will". Later on he says "world instead of universe". I believe he was quoting a book.

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (5 children)

Interesting. How does he have the ability to build the machine to channel the ghosts? Is he a genius?

[–]Stantz1984[S]2 points3 points (4 children)

The machine is purple and coiled and looks old. Hes just trying to do the reverse of the female ghostbusters. Genius? I dont think so he works in a hotel, but that is probably because of his poor social skills. They dont really go into it.

[–]Esemjayes3 points4 points (3 children)

So it sounds like hes poorly developed as a villian?

[–]Stantz1984[S]3 points4 points (2 children)

I just wish he had better lines and yes was hoping they go more into his backstory, when he transforms into the giant logo ghost hes trying to kill the new ghostbusters and says "Dont you wanna join my army of the dead?"

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (1 child)

When does that happen again?

[–]Ursa_Doom9 points10 points (3 children)

Even if youre bullshitting, I dont expect anything good to come out of this movie after seeing the terrible trailer. Im also cynical enough about modern Hollywood to believe evething you say in your post. I could totally see them deciding to put that old logo ghost as an antagonist in there.

They might as well have made this into another terrible Adam Sandler movie and gone all the way with the product placement if they were not gonna bother going for quality.

[–]R3miel72 points3 points (0 children)

RemindMe! 2016-07-15 "lets see if this prediction held true"

[–]project51212 points3 points (1 child)

Does Leslie Jones character show more depth than just being a sassy "funny" subway worker and stereotype? I mean, is she secretly a really smart scientist who just didnt go as far as she wanted? Is there a reason they chose her for "knowing the city"? Did the rest of the GGB not grow up there?

[–]posertrash2 points3 points (0 children)

NOT a sexist thing. The new cast is just subpar with the exception of Wiig. I would have rather seen a reboot with these guys. Imgur

[–]puckcowboy2 points3 points (0 children)

Based on the toys, rumors, and all of the shooting locations etc, this sounds pretty spot on and pretty awful!

My only question is, at the end when Jones says "Oh I think that spray painted ghost from the subway was cute!", why would she say that when that spray painted ghost is already their logo by the end of the film? That part REALLY doesnt make sense.

Regardless, Ive been against this film from day one (not because Im sexist) but because this is a film that should have NEVER been remade/rebooted/reimagined PERIOD!

You can check out my full thoughts here:

[–]batmans_roommate5 points6 points (12 children)

Actually Stay-Puft DOES have a cameo. Hes with the stilt guy, they are a few of many parade floats that get possessed by ghosts. Stay-Puft almost squishes McCarthy until Wiggs character pops him.

[–]Dr_Killpatient8 points9 points (0 children)

I thought Melissa McCarthy was Stay Puft cameo...

[–]Esemjayes4 points5 points (10 children)

Haha did you make that up?

[–]mkarolian4 points5 points (9 children)

No, there was a toy showed that was stay-puft except was clearly a balloon (You could see the seems).

[–]Stantz1984[S]2 points3 points (7 children)

Yep saw the stay puff scene. he is a parade float balloon that the ghostbusters are shooting and he squishes 3 of the ghostbusters on the ground and their faces are smooshed a little. So shitty.

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (6 children)

Huh? Are you kidding? Their faces are smooshed? How does that work? (Haha as a side-note I like how Im okay with ghosts but not with their faces being smooshed)

[–]Stantz1984[S]3 points4 points (5 children)

its like they are facing the audience and up against glass and their faces look weird smooshed up against it.

[–]Esemjayes1 point2 points (4 children)

haha oh man. Well thats just hilarious! I have another question, why are the cops congregating on Times Square in the first place?

[–]rod_kimble5 points6 points (1 child)

At least the villain part seems accurate:

[–]Esemjayes10 points11 points (0 children)

Right. Everything this guy is saying seems on point IMO. Everything connects together and there doesnt seem to be any red flags that went up when I was reading his story. That logo is obviously painted in the subway, and Jones works in the subway, and I could totally see them being like "oh I thought that no ghost logo thingy is cute" and thats how it becomes the final bad guy at the end of the film. Plus, I was wondering how they were going to have the logo ghost as an actual villain and this makes sense. Either this guy is a genius or he saw the film. It makes more logical sense that someone actually saw the film and came on here and made a post about it then made it all up in such a coherent way that fits so well together. The part that really sells me is that for him to come up with a way to explain how the ghost becomes the final villain would mean that he would have had to think backwards in order to explain it, but the writers were thinking forwards if that makes sense. While they arrived at that logo villain naturally.

[–]otakudbz1 point2 points (2 children)

In the leaked e-mails, it was said that Paul Feig include alien ghosts in the movie. Is that real?

[–]Stantz1984[S]2 points3 points (1 child)

They arent alien. The ghosts are tortured souls that will torment and "pester" the living as Rowan describes it in the Channeling scene with the new ghostbusters. Rowan creates a device which breaks the barrier between them and the living world.

[–]gbwebseries1 point2 points (0 children)

Whether or not this post is true or not (they did a very good job of connecting everything from the trailer and all of the spoilers with the toys.) When we got word that this movie was happening, we decided to produce a web series that addresses all of the issues that fans said they had with a reboot. Check it out!

[–]Moobyghost1 point2 points (0 children)

Does the No-Ghost logo ghost that is now "stay puft" have the terrible bow-tie that was shown in production art? Please say no.

[–]Vaylon1 point2 points (0 children)

People have written fanfiction thats better than this. What the hell was Sony thinking?

[–]OwenFinnn1 point2 points (0 children)

Sounds like the flop of the year (decade). Itll make millions.