Why "projectwritten" for your twitter? Wouldn't AliceInDissonance be better? Is there a reason for calling yourselves both AiD and projectwritten?

ALICE IN DISSONANCE is the groups name. Project Written is the name of the operation. fault is the first title under Project Written.

Kind of like the Touhou series. The circle's name is technically Shanghai Alice Gengakudan but their main operation is called the Touhou Project.

We didn't model it after that but it turned out to be similar.

If ms1 and 2a flopped we would have been working on a different title under Project Written. It didn't though, so it might look confusing. If you stick around long enough you'll see why it's called the "Written" as it's pretty integral to everything we do.

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Creators of the "fault" series. We are currently working on a prequal called fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT.