Welcome to L. H. Selman Ltd., a name that has been synonymous with the finest antique and contemporary paperweights for over 40 years. As the country's premier dealer in fine art glass paperweights our mission is to promote the very best by exhibiting and selling through our gallery and at auction the finest examples made in centuries past, and by nurturing new talent emerging from contemporary independent studios.

L. H. Selman Ltd. has a sterling reputation, forged through years of working together with our clients to help them build discriminating and sophisticated collections.

We maintain an expansive paperweight gallery and museum in Chicago, Illinois, with the largest collection of antique and contemporary paperweights anywhere. --Selman.com, our online presence, allows collectors to browse some of our inventory, read artists' profiles, and order works of art.

We hold auctions, each accompanied by a full-color catalogue, and hold periodic exclusive online auctions, both of which offer collectors the chance to acquire some of the very best in antique, contemporary, and secondary-market pieces.

Our full-color brochures present new work from accomplished masters and emerging artists, as well as offerings from our antique collection.

Paperweight Press, our publishing house, offers a full spectrum of literature exploring the art and science of paperweights and glass art.

Our professional consultants are dedicated to the highest level of service and attention to detail with every client, from the casual collector to the serious connoisseur.

With a depth of knowledge and an ability to educate and advise individuals in developing their collections, we make a commitment that says, "Invest with confidence, you'll receive only the best from L. H. Selman Ltd."
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LH Selman, Ltd.

410 S. Michigan Ave. Ste.# 207
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 583-1177

Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm CST
Saturday and Sunday by Appointment
Maytum Studio   
Parabelle Glass   
Perthshire Paperweights   
Saint Louis   
Strathearn Glass   
Virginia Wilson   
American (antique)   
American (antiques)   
Ayotte, Melissa   
Ayotte, Rick   
Baccarat (antique)   
Baccarat (modern)   
Banford, Bob   
Banford, Ray   
Beck, Kaj   
Books, all   
Brown, Jim D.   
Buzzini, Chris   
Byers, Andrew   
Caithness Glass Inc   
Coupal, Francis   
D'Onofrio, Jim   
Danbury Mint   
Daschbach, James   
De Long, Jared   
Deacons, John   
Denali Crystal   
DePalma, Anthony   
DeRossi, Mario   
Ebelhare, Drew   
English Antiques   
Erlacher, Max   
Federici, Karen   
Fine, Jody   
Fote, Andrew   
Franklin Mint   
Gentile, John   
Glass, Correia Art   
Glass, Heron   
Glass Ltd., Selkirk   
Glassworks, Ring Of Fir   
Graeber, David   
Graham, Darby   
Grubb, Randall   
Hacker, Harold J.   
Hanson, Eric   
Hanson, Ronald   
Hanzl, Karel   
Harris, Harv   
Henderson, Jr., Larry E.   
Hitt, Steve   
Hopko, Michael   
Hronich-Pernic, Scott   
Image 3 Crystal   
J Glass   
Kaziun III, Charles   
Klein, Vladimir   
Kobuki, John   
Kontes, Nontas   
Labino, Dominick   
Laser Crystals   
LaSoya, Roxie J.   
Layton, Peter   
Leopold, Kevin   
Lewis, Julie Scrutton   
Lotton, David   
Louis, Saint   
Lundberg, Steve & Ola   
Lundberg Studios   
MacNaught, Damon   
Manson, William   
McDougall, Peter   
Mike Hunter   
Millennium Cubes   
Miller, Nicole   
Misc Antique   
Misc Modern   
Misc. Stands etc.   
Noble Effort   
O'Keefe, Michael   
Okama, Akihiro   
Optical Crystal   
Orient & Flume   
Orient & Flume   
Raos, Peter   
Recko, Gateson   
Richardson, Cathy   
Richardson, Colin   
Robbins, Wayne   
Rosenfeld, Ken   
Ruzsa, Alison   
Sable, Josh   
Saint Louis antique   
Salazar, David P.   
Satava Art Glass   
Sautner, Barry   
Sean O'Donoghue   
Shaw, James   
Shaw, Tim   
Siegel, Jessie   
Sikorsky-Todd, Yaffa   
Smallhouse, David   
Smith, Clinton   
Smith, Gordon   
Soffer, Miri   
Soltis, William E.   
Soltis, William E.   
St Clair   
Stankard, Paul   
Stewart, Rebecca A.   
Studios, Vandermark-   
Taj Karolczuk, Jesse   
Tarsitano, Debbie   
Tarsitano, Delmo   
Trabucco, Victor   
Twist Glass Studio   
Val St Lambert   
Vines, Roger & Gen   
Vizzusi, Peter   
Ward, Mayauel   
Wasserman, Ann   
Whittemore, Francis   
Ysart, Paul   

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