coremotion API

Sherbit works as a ‘hub’ for your data by utilizing your apps’ ‘application programming interfaces,’ or “APIs.” An API is an interface that allow multiple pieces of software to interact with each other. For example: when you try to buy something online, the website needs to verify that your credit card information is correct. The website uses an API to send your financial data to another application that processes the payment; after that application confirms the transaction, the website notifies you that the order has been placed. The user only sees the site’s interface, but in the background, many applications are communicating with each other using APIs.

Apple’s Core Motion and Core Location APIs provide access to data collected by the iPhone’s GPS and motion sensors. The iPhone 6 uses a co-processor called “M8” to continuously measure data from the motion sensors without drawing power from the phone’s main processor. Apple’s goal is to make it easier for fitness and health applications to track your activity; whether you’re walking or running, biking or driving, at work or at home, etc. Sherbit lets you see this information in a new context by analyzing it with data provided by your other apps’ APIs.