Take control
of your data

Your apps and smart devices are constantly
collecting data about your daily activities.
Sherbit puts it all together, so you can easily understand and analyze your information.


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Knowledge is power

 Easily connect and visualize your data to discover meaningful insights about everyday habits.

Why am I so stressed during the week?

Is drinking coffee affecting my quality of sleep?

What’s making my energy bill so high?

How effective is my exercise routine?

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Give context
to your data

It’s hard to interpret your data because every service has a different way of presenting it — Sherbit transforms and standardizes your information, so you can analyze and monitor it for a deeper understanding of your behaviors.


Put your data to work



Learn about old habits while building new ones.

analyze data


Manually track your activities with custom buttons.



Connect and visualize data from different apps.

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Ask any question about your data and get an answer.

Personal analytics and data visualization

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