Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum
5701 East 36th Street North
OK 74115-2105 Tulsa
Tel.: 1-918-669-6600 FAX: 1-918-669-6260
Their EMail: tulsazoo@ci.tulsa.ok.us
Look at their web site: Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

Member of the organisations:- AZA; ISIS
AZA accredited: YES
Where no information is available we enter a "0"
Total area of Zoo/Aquarium : 10.91 hectares
Entrance fee for adults is US$ 6.00
Entrance fee for children is US$ 3.00
Ages 55+: $4 ---- Child = 3-11
Aproximately 390000 visitors annually
55 staff are employed at the institution
Number of animals: 1239 in 318 species
57 species of mammals
83 species of birds
48 species of reptiles
14 species of amphibians
78 species of fish
38 species of invertebrates
 Zoo Director, Larry Nunley,  Email: Lnunley@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Assistant Zoo Director, Stephen Walker,  Email: Stephenwalker@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Zoologist, Paul Louderback,  Email: Plouderback@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Education Curator, Rusty Grimpe,  Email: Rustygrimpe@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Education Programs, Susan Lewis,  Email: Susanlewis@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Education Coordinator , Barbara Grimm,  Email: Barbaragrimm@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Financial Manager, Janet Russell,  Email: Jrussell@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Exhibits Curator, Kathleen Buck,  Email: Kathleenbuck@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Horticulture Curator, Jay Ross,  Email: Jross@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Bird Curator, Diane Fell,  Email: Dianefell@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Reptile Curator, Linda Putnam,  Email: LindaPutnam@ci.tulsa.ok.us
 Reptile Department zoo keeper, Aaron Goodwin,  Email: tulsazooherps@hotmail.
 Aquarium and Children's Zoo Curator, Andrew Branson,  Email:
 Lead Aquarist, Gary Lunsford,  Email: Gary_Lunsford@netzero.net
 Small Mammals and Primate Curator, Pat Murphy,  Email: Patmurphy@ci.tulsa.ok.
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Information last updated on : 1 SEP 03
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