Product Delivery Migration: What is changing, when it’s changing and the impacts

Shyam Mani


As promised, the FTP Migration team is following up from the 7/20 Monday Project Meeting where Sean Rich talked about a project that is underway to make our Product Delivery System better.

As a part of this project, we are migrating content out of our data centers to AWS. In addition to storage locations changing, namespaces will change and the FTP protocol for this system will be deprecated. If, after reading this post, you have any further questions, please email the team.

Action: The ftp protocol on is being turned off.
Timing: Wednesday, 5th August 2015.

    After 8/5/15, ftp protocol support for will be completely disabled and downloads can only be accessed through http/https.
    Users will no longer be able to just enter “” into their browser, because this action defaults to the ftp protocol. Going forward, users should start using The old name will still work but needs to be entered in your browser as

Action: The contents of are being migrated from the NetApp in SCL3 to AWS/S3 managed by Cloud Services.
Timing: Migrating contents will start in late August and conclude by end of October. Impacted teams will be notified of their migration date.

    Those teams that currently manually upload to these locations have been contacted and will be provided with S3 API keys. They will be notified prior to their migration date and given a chance to validate their upload functionality post-migration.
    All existing download links will continue to work as they do now with no impact.

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  1. David Ross wrote on :

    The FTP server has provided more than merely downloads of installer files. It has also provided .mar files for incremental updates and various hash codes to verify that downloads are not corrupted. Will these all be available via HTTP/HTTPS?

    Note that I do NOT permit automatic installation of updates to software over the Internet. I download the installer files and then install when I have no other tasks with a higher priority. Also, I maintain both my own PC and my wife’s PC. I much prefer to download once and install twice rather than downloading twice and then installing only once per download. Furthermore, I archive the downloaded installer files in case I need to reinstall an application or revert to a prior version.