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That would take me three to five years.

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It doesn't have to. Literally just write down the first things that come to your head with no judgement of what they are.

If your idea is flying shark dick beams then you write that idea down and keep moving.

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Literally just write down the first things that come to your head with no judgement of what they are.

penis cupcakes
water whales
aerobic airplanes
human soil
emergent trashcans
unintentional hybrid car
epic journey across a land
why do we do
telomere extensions
human decency

Am I being creative yet?

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Tell me more about emergent trashcans.

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Your trashcan is full. Instead of emptying it you instead temporarily put junk in one of the plastic bags from groceries. More and more stuff gets put into it while you procastinate emptying your other trashcan. Wait, other trashcan? Oh shit, my plastic bag is now a pseudo trashcan.

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To answer your previous question: Yes. You are being creative.

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If there are no trashcans in the world they will naturally emerge as people start throwing their trash into the same places.

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Is that how New Jersey was made?

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I've taken a particular interest in the unintentional hybrid cars.

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unintentional hybrid car

Sounds like a kick ass kid's movie about the importance of natural resources or some shit, so I'd say yeah, you're being creative!

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That one was so interesting to me I stopped reading the list. I just saw two people staring at the front going, "You know what? I realize it's unintentional, but technically, I think that makes this a hybrid."

The story writes itself! =)

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Yes! Yes, you are! Keep going.

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mouse fingers
yuri plot device
autistic melange of opium
creative writing process
thought generator
hubris of avocados
just kill it
understanding the concept of destruction
limitational algorithms
interest pools

edit: wew I'm spent I'm taking a vacation work, out these concepts boys

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Hubris of avocados sounds like an exposé I'd enjoy reading.

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There's a real story in there - read a little about the naming and original marketing of avocados. At first, the average consumer wasn't sure what to do with these strange, scaly-skinned things... alligator pears? We're going to need a better name and a stronger concept here.

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You know, mouse fingers, as in like gloves for your fingers to fucntion as a mouse, would be a brilliant idea. That's like a trackpad on every surface.

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I searched it up hoping it wasn't an actual thing yet, so I could collaborate with u/PaperCookies, produce them and then we make a bunch of money selling it.. I was disappointed that they already exist.

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We would have made cents! CENTS!

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What is an interest pool?

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Sounds like a marketing term to group consumers into pools by similar interests. Whether those pools are literal or metaphorical, that's undecided.

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Pools of money that bankers swim in?

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human soil

Sounds like a slasher flick about a crazed farmer that uses people as fertilizer.

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To me it sounds like people using a garden to take their dump instead of a toilet lol.

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Save the planet, man

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You need a utility function to evolve the ideas between iterations. What do you need a creative idea for?

For example, take your list, filter out anything that isn't related to something you can accomplish on a Saturday morning (related, not achievable). Then take your best 5 keeper ideas from that list and add another 10 random ideas from the top of your head. Repeat

You don't control how relatable they are to your goal, but over iterations you'll just naturally start having more and more relevant ideas as your brain primes to think in that perspective.

Before you know it, you've come up with a realistic and fresh idea for something to do Saturday morning

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Yes, I would love to hear more about an unintentional hybrid car.

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A normal car, running low on gas. You think your going to run out before you get to the gas station, 2 miles away. Alas, your car gets struck by lightning. And it powers your car the rest of the way.

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We're on to something now.

"Christine" was a best-seller, wasn't it? This could work!

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You've got an interesting article with the emergent trashcans.

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I would say you are stuck in a template. All but one of those is <adjective> <noun>.

Also, what other kinds of whales are there?

"Well, we have Water Whales on land. We call them, Land Water Whales. I tame them." - Phillip J Fry.

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Poly winkle Norfolk

transitional sensation

organizational dependency

conspiracy to invade

critically acclaimed

universilly nominated

apparently dictated

overly saturated

hundred percent G

definitely infatuated

infectiously overstated




Hm, I was a poet and didn't even know it.

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Human soil is an idea that someone has ran with. Either planting a tree around the body or shtedding the body's and making it a fertilizer for soil - which is better than embalming a body and letting nothing else have any benefit from it.

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telomere extensions

now that is something I would love to hear more about!

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Just tried this and realized I think a lot about dicks.

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terrick davies

Henry bryans

wondered growth

stirrup mussels

power beans

meta trike

it's not really working

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They're not supposed to be fully developed plans, more like keywords. A mindmap.

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Can we see the other 99 ideas you had?

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Monkey tennis?

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Extreme pacifiers.

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A cure for which there is no known disease

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A calendar with 13 months

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Car remotes that have a 1 in 5 million chance of blowing up your car instead of unlocking it

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Make a TV Show out of it called "Accidental Terrorism".

I would watch it.

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A printed shirt that's covered in scale photos of nipples that has two holes for your actual nipples to show.

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A necktie that smells exactly like actual human shit.

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Sock puppets controlling tiny humans like marionette dolls

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TIL Redditors are creative as heck.

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That's brilliant.

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I know an industry that would buy that up in a heartbeat...

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Actually, thirteen months would be fine. 12 months of 28 days, 1 month of 29 days

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Having a job that pays once a month.. I think I would be perfectly fine with this option.

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Lousy Smarch weather

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Aka homeopathy

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It cures dehydration.

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A cure for fish that doesn't exist.

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Bird internet

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I can see the Kickstarter already.

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You'd have to look into bird law first.

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Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank?

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Denim chicken?

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Caterpillar Chicken, so you can have a bunch of drumsticks.

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Child Auctioneers

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Basketball wombats

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Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank?

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Adam Sandler is like in love with some girl. But it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever or something.

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Nonprofit investment bank

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Cans of nuts with real snakes inside.

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Bird internet

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I was hoping I would see this here

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I bet a bitch wasn't one of them

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Firewood rental

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Puppy Monkey Baby

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Southern Discomfort

[–]Fuckinbruges [score hidden]  (0 children)

Popper Clops, Clops that pop your cloppers

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wheatrogen, the pasta you inhale

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Here's one:

Write down the weird shit from your dreams every morning before you forget. Build an idea bank out of it - even if many seem half-baked.

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I do this too. Especially when I would have my creative writing classes in college (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I would brainstorm all sorts of stupid ideas for stories or poems, with 99% of them never going past the "what if a refrigerator could talk?" stage. But then there's the one that makes me want to figure out the plot a bit more until I'm excited to write it. I throw out a million terrible ideas until one sounds good.

You throw enough shit against a wall, eventually something's gonna stick.

Also having an outsider look at it is a marvelous idea. They can give you a good idea of what works, what doesn't, and if you are presenting the ideas effectively. It's so easy to forget that nobody else has been laboring over this idea for hours, days, or even weeks, so they don't have the insider knowledge that you do, so you may need to spell out things a bit even though you feel like it's SO obvious what it means.

[–]breakingcups [score hidden]  (4 children)

I'm actually most intrigued by the talking fridge scenario the more I think about it

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"Stop letting all my cold air out. There's nothing new in here since the last time you checked 5 minutes ago."

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Or alternatively "I'm getting fucking cold. Am I sick? It helps me out when you leave the door open."

No one said our appliances have the same desires and goals that would make them functional for us.

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He is friends with the brave little toaster.

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"I'm here to serve you, you know that. I'm happy to hold your food, liquids, keep 'em all fresh. I'd do all that gladly until the day I break down. BUT CHA GOTTA TAKE THESE DEAD BODIES OUTTA ME MAN."

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thing is if you HAVE to search for a reason to write a book you probably shouldnt write. authors dont look for ideas. their ideas are already there formed by their life and the writing process is just like sculpting. when JK started Harry Potter most of the story was already done, including the ending.

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Another copywriter chiming in. I did this for awhile.

However, there's a lecture by Stephen King on youtube in which he discusses this exact thing. He said writing down every idea you have and keeping them somewhere is awful. He claimed that it's how you end up with notebooks filled with bad ideas. He seems to actively discourage it.

According to King, the best way to come up with something creative is to not write it all down, dwell on it, and see if you still retain that same idea later on. He said good creative ideas will stick around, while lesser ones will weed themselves out and be forgotten.

Just thought it was noteworthy to provide a counter-example of a successful writer doing exactly the opposite.

[–]monsieurpommefrites [score hidden]  (5 children)

Bear in mind, this is Stephen King after all.

[–]holidayshoplifter [score hidden]  (2 children)

Bear in mind. Got it, he's there now. Whoa, scary!

[–]DrShocker [score hidden]  (1 child)

Just imagine a friend who is slower than you, and you'll be fine.

[–]holidayshoplifter [score hidden]  (0 children)

Hopefully she's on her period too.

[–]OppositeofaCactus [score hidden]  (1 child)

He can't hear you shading him over his hundreds of millions of dollars and massive dong

[–]monsieurpommefrites [score hidden]  (0 children)

I'm not saying that he's a bad writer or that his writing sucks. Far from it. What I'm saying is that it's like Picasso giving regular artists his opinion on a creative exercise. Sure, it works for him but he also happens to be Picasso, and it might not work for you at all if you aren't on his level.

[–]Robo-Mall-Cop [score hidden]  (0 children)

I don't think OP is saying that you should hold on to every idea you ever have. In fact, he's saying weed out a bunch of shit and throw it away.

[–]RogueSquirrel0 [score hidden]  (0 children)

Has he written a story about a writer with stacks of notes in their dwelling which gain sentience and - I dunno... Tries to convince the writer to return to their idea?

[–]Gothiks [score hidden]  (11 children)

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What the hell did I just watch?

[–]kermit_alterego [score hidden]  (0 children)

Definitely not green. Green is not a creative color.

[–]diagonaldiablo9 [score hidden]  (2 children)

I didn't expect the places that went. Was definitely thinking it'd be more tame the entire time.

[–]Jazz-Jizz [score hidden]  (1 child)

Just watch the sequels and feel your sanity float away.

[–]OtterKat [score hidden]  (3 children)

Well how do you get the idea?

[–]wmb0823 [score hidden]  (1 child)

Well here's another good tip, for how to be a creative whiz kid. Go and collect some leaves and sticks and arrange them into your favorite colors

[–]discdraft [score hidden]  (5 children)

Adam Sandler is like in love with some girl. But it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever or something.

[–]ElsweyrFondue [score hidden]  (3 children)

Don't be afraid to kill your babies.


[–]RockSta-holic [score hidden]  (1 child)

Finally an actual no context piece that doesn't have the same meaning as with context.

[–]RupturedFyre [score hidden]  (0 children)

It's a pretty common phrase though.

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Actually this, (aka brainstorming) has been shown to be, at best, marginally better than 'normal' thought Via Forbes

As far as writing is concerned, you are much better off by just starting and running with whatever comes and refining it later.

Edit: Triple colon: Article title: Brainstorming Doesn't Work -- Do This Instead

[–]Whoopaow [score hidden]  (2 children)

The article you linked to spells out that brainstorming in a group is not efficient because it: 1. excludes the people who are more introverted and 2. because it's inefficient to stop thinking in order to listen to others.

When you're creating ideas for yourself, none of these problems would occur.

[–]CarlosWeiner[S] [score hidden]  (4 children)

Every creative process could be called "brainstorming", it's the exercise that differs. Most people's conception of brainstorming involves a group, as stated in the Forbes article.

This specific exercise is one you do on your own. I've used it for many purposes, but in advertising it was always the second step after research -- well before any group activity, which is usually best for word association games and trying to come up with a name for something.

In advertising, this method allows you to find a truth or position the product in an interesting way.

For example: I was tasked with creating a slogan for an organic egg company. But I didn't try to write a slogan straight away, I tried to find what it is I wanted to communicate first.

I went through about 500 ideas, and the one that stuck with me was a drawing of a chicken coop with a red carpet leading up to it. I had other variations, but that one stuck with me the most because it emphasized the fact that the chickens are treated really well in the simplest way possible.

I did some more doodles in that vain, mindlessly scribbling away, when the perfect slogan came to mind: Putting The Chicken Before The Egg.

[–]UmiHuss [score hidden]  (2 children)

Is it possible to link to the finished result?

[–]CarlosWeiner[S] [score hidden]  (1 child)

I could fish them out of my portfolio, but they won't be online. Happy Egg Co. didn't go with the campaign.

[–]sticksnstonesluv [score hidden]  (0 children)

I'm also in advertising and thought it was brilliant! Thanks for sharing

[–]dattwenty_dotcom [score hidden]  (2 children)

Thanks for the tip, I am definitely going to try it out. I have been trying to come up with another good video for my channel, but I can't seem to settle on one I like.

[–]Rkelly-piss-on-me [score hidden]  (1 child)


every gaming video ever. Thank me later

[–]-----sup--imgay----- [score hidden]  (0 children)

Also, make sure to make fun of other famous youtubers

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  1. Beef.....stew

Yep. I quit. Something's broken.

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So my elementary teachers were correct... Brainstorm.

[–]lurked [score hidden]  (0 children)

I did pretty much this for ideas for my first game, which I started coding last holidays. All I knew was that I wanted to make a 2D platformer, and that I needed a unique concept.

I kept a notepad close-by for a whole week while I was doing other stuff, and as soon as I had an idea I wrote it down.

I ended up with several good ideas that I liked, but 2 of them fit especially well together, so I ended up combining the 2, and I had my unique concept!

[–]IamaRead [score hidden]  (2 children)

This can working in advertisement, it is true ideas are generated by activity. Writing 100 things down is dumb and shouldn't be used outside advertisement.

[–]KidCadaver [score hidden]  (1 child)

I disagree - writing down everything that comes to mind, 100 things, more, less, whatever amount, is immensely helpful in developing ideas for anything creative and unique, not just advertisement. When I began writing children's books, it took writing down dozens and dozens of random, unprovoked, half-assed ideas and concepts before I began to form something tangible.

[–]IamaRead [score hidden]  (0 children)

it took writing down dozens and dozens of random, unprovoked, half-assed ideas and concepts

Is correct and good practice, the thing is that even exaggerated 100 things focus on the wrong aspect. You can fall in a trap trying to write down these hundred things, instead of focusing on writing down dozens of half-assed ideas which can lay a foundation for future stuff. Writing 100 things down and ordering them in Top 10 is also problematic, better would be to skim and note a few which you like.

Overdoing stuff hinders progress, in Science, Writing (congratulations btw.) and general Story Telling.

[–]SickSinceSunday [score hidden]  (0 children)

This is also a pretty sure path to insanity.

[–]Duuhh_LightSwitch [score hidden]  (10 children)

I don't mean to be rude, as this method certainly works, but it is far from a novel concept

[–]Smartnership [score hidden]  (5 children)

True, but every day a new crop of adults emerge who haven't heard the basics.

[–]rearden-steel [score hidden]  (4 children)

I've been an adult for quite some time, and I don't think I have heard this concept expressed quite this way. I liked it.

[–]Smartnership [score hidden]  (3 children)

Someone pointed out this xkcd which is in the same basic theme.

[–]hey_hey_you_you [score hidden]  (2 children)

I have to keep reminding myself of this comic. In the last two days my university students have asked me the following:

"What's Jurassic Park?"

"What's capitalism?"

and the one that surprised me the most...

"What's a stencil?"

[–]Smartnership [score hidden]  (1 child)

Wait til they ask why adding another person to an email is called "CC"

"How's carbon used to make the email copies?"

"Is it because it adds to the carbon footprint by using more electricity?"

[–]hey_hey_you_you [score hidden]  (0 children)

At least yours are trying to reason out an explanation.

[–]figgypie [score hidden]  (0 children)

It's good to spell out things for the newbies. I learned quite a few techniques during college, but I also majored in English and minored in Creative Writing so I'm a bit of an outlier. Learning the basics and some simple writing methods REALLY helped my overall process. Like I learned the art of pre-writing. It is like the magical cure for writer's block because I already outlined the story before I sat down to write it.

[–]Tcanada [score hidden]  (0 children)

Basically nothing that has or ever will be posted on this sub is a novel concept.

[–]milkandrelish [score hidden]  (0 children)

It's not novel, but it's one of those ideas that's so intuitive that it might be overlooked. Definitely helpful for me, and wouldn't have thought this process would work.

[–]KaptainKoala [score hidden]  (0 children)

And then throw those 100 ideas out and come up with 100 more and then bring them to me for approval.

[–]ThatNewKidinTheBlock [score hidden]  (0 children)

Thinking up the most random, the wildest, the most retarded idea and then adjusting it to the audience I'm targeting seems to work the best for me, whether it be a public speech for school or a really drunken friday night toast.

[–]DeadisGod [score hidden]  (0 children)

Finally, don't be afraid to kill your babies.

the meaning of this statement didnt stick out to me for a while. i was a little scared

[–]pmYourFears [score hidden]  (0 children)

Finally, don't be afraid to kill your babies.

I wish more people understood this.

[–]lilmitts [score hidden]  (0 children)

And, for those of us with an artistic creative mind, you don't actually need to get to 100. If you hit gold, you'll know it.

Take off on it, on the same page, get down as much information as you can think of about it.

And then go back to make new ideas, coming back to that one later.

[–]no_more_free_names [score hidden]  (3 children)

Came here to say how true this is because I do it every day.. Turns out you are also a copywriter..Well, former one. What do you do now?

[–]CarlosWeiner[S] [score hidden]  (2 children)

Native advertising for a magazine

[–]iamhappylight [score hidden]  (0 children)

This is why we don't have deck slots.

[–]RealJuanDoe [score hidden]  (2 children)

Ehhh corporate creativity sure, this isn't the best advice for musicians, artists, comedians, actors, etc but definitely works for corporate creativity.

[–]zatchsmith [score hidden]  (0 children)

I don't think there is one strategy that does or doesn't work for creatives. This exercise may not work for you, but I can see it working for others.

[–]The_Paul_Alves [score hidden]  (6 children)

It's called brainstorming, it isn't a novel concept. Kids do it in grade school here in Canada.

[–]_frisco [score hidden]  (0 children)

I'm from the US. We do learn how to brainstorm in elementary school, but in my experience, nobody used it besides while planning something as a group. We had more creative classes after that, but nobody brought up brainstorming again.

[–]Duuhh_LightSwitch [score hidden]  (1 child)

Coincidentally I am from Canada too. Perhaps we spoke too soon and this isn't creativity 101-level stuff in the States?

...But I bet it is

[–]PresidentRex [score hidden]  (0 children)

We don't have Creativity 101. We have Remedial Creativity 090.

[–]1Mom2Dads [score hidden]  (0 children)

Good process. I'd just like to point out that it is, by definition, creative.

[–]Dan-Defyno [score hidden]  (0 children)

Of course... it's always the first idea that's the best. :-)

[–]whomthebellrings [score hidden]  (0 children)

I've worked in a variety of industries constant idea creation is required. This works, but I'd add this is only the most effective technique when forced to work alone. I've found nothing more effective, fast and enjoyable than doing something similar with someone you mesh with. Once the banter and ideas start flowing you and the partner end up with brilliant ideas much faster and the strength of the final idea has already been confirmed by another.

[–]eddie964 [score hidden]  (0 children)

I learned a similar technique at a conference some years ago.

We were broken into small groups and given a half hour to brainstorm as many ideas as we could related to a certain topic. We were told don't think, don't filter, just write down everything we came up with. We then analyzed the ideas we'd produced.

The first third of the ideas were mostly throwaways. They were obvious, cliche or trite. Real creativity -- and lots of good ideas -- started to appear in the second third.

The final third of ideas were really out there, overall, and a lot of them were rejects. But it's also where we found most of the truly brilliant ideas.

[–]__theoneandonly [score hidden]  (0 children)

If 100 ideas seems intimidating, just set a timer 5 minutes or so. And during that time you CANNOT STOP WRITING. Even if you're writing "I don't know what to say, I don't know what to say, I don't know what to say," you cannot let your pen stop moving. Rinse and repeat until you've got something useful.

[–]SibLiant [score hidden]  (0 children)

This is quality LPT post. Some of the upvoted posts in this sub shake my faith in humanity.

[–]bt2513 [score hidden]  (0 children)

I think this is great. I do have a question: how do you manage this process with complex and abstract ideas? For example, architecture or writing music (not lyrics).

[–]Samantha2016 [score hidden]  (0 children)

I have a feeling this would work for most people. Maybe like 10 ideas?

[–]flamy153 [score hidden]  (0 children)

This was the first rule my advertising copywriting teacher beat into our heads. On one of the first days of class, "just for fun," we had to do it three times for the same prompt.

[–]semilx [score hidden]  (0 children)

As someone who has struggled in recent years to get back in touch with my creativity, this post made my day. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

[–]Jobnes [score hidden]  (0 children)

Chickens are dumb.

[–]kyndo [score hidden]  (0 children)

This sounds like brilliant advice - thank you. I'm going to save your post so I can cement it in my brain. :P

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Or, you could just not suck at your job.

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I'm working on a commercial right now, I think someone at BBDO got a hold of your waste basket.

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I got into the habit of writing down 10 ideas a day. The great thing about this is that assuming that only 1% of my ideas are any good that gives me 36 good ideas a year, or, one every week and a half.

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Art Director here. This is good advice and our team uses it to great effect. When I need to generate good ideas, I get up from my desk, walk somewhere else in the building and just start writing, drawing, daydreaming until I jog something loose. (About to do that here in a few a pesky logo lockup I'm working on for a retail chain that's pissing me off.)

OR, we get a few team members together in a room...doesn't matter if they're Creative Director or a Production Artist, and just start firing ideas around. We come up with tons of absolutely ridiculous ideas before we ever nail down anything remotely workable, and it's super fun. You get into a zone where everyone is playing off of everyone else, saying whatever dumb shit comes to a certain point we're just trying to make each other laugh, then someone will yell out something that's accidentally perfect and it gets quiet as everyone goes "oooooohhhh, that's IT!"

Good concept sessions almost always leave me feeling satisfied at the end of the day, like I got something tangible done.

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I just did this not even an hour ago. It works! I had a thesis to structure and no idea of how to make it coherent, so I just sat down and made a branch of different ideas and kept branching until I had something to work with.

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I'm teaching design right now and my students are not happy about the fact that I'm making them come up with at least 100 ideas each. Super, super not happy. It's the way you get to the good stuff though.

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I use these when I want to get as many ideas as possible.

start with an initial idea (it could be anything related to your topic) then start drawing lines with ideas related to it. Then draw lines with ideas related to those things.


Dog -> Food -> McDonnalds ->fast food ->Lunch Meat Sub -> etc.

Food -> Gummy Worms -> candy containers

You can always go back to a previous node and draw another line and expand on the idea.

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You rub shoulders with advertising elite, OP. Why'd you leave the industry?

[–]CarlosWeiner[S] [score hidden]  (1 child)

90% of the work was soul-sucking bullshit, and the people I worked with were insufferable. There's nothing worse than ad-men/women who consider themselves god's gift to creativity. I'm still technically in advertising, I'm just not a creative copy-monkey anymore.

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What are examples of ideas you liked but that didn't resonate with the people you shared them with?

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One size does not fit all.

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Or you can come up with one kick ass idea, discuss it at a job interview but not get the job and then have them steal use your idea to run a big marketing campaign.

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How many reams of paper did you go through to write this?

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Schmidt recommends writing 40 ideas down, memorizing them, practicing them until they're perfect, then throwing them away. Then you write another 40 ideas down and submit them to Schmidt for his approval.

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Another way of brainstorming ideas that I use is inspired of this blog post: Generating ideas at Apple.

It's a technique called random entry. Basically, you start with a problem statement and then go through a bunch of random words and try to come out ways of connecting the two dots together.

Give it a try! I wrote a tool for myself a while back to help me with it, someone here might find it useful too.

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And what is the solution for the opposite problem? On occasion, I can't move forward because I keep coming up new ideas that seem better than the older ones, forcing me to start parts of or even the whole project over.

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This is also called brainstorming I learned about this in pretty much every single creative class I took all the way up until I graduated college. I use this quite often and it's the most effective for me. I also do the same with thumbnail sketches which is pretty much quick stick drawings deferring judgment in the same fashion. Sometimes I will draw the same thumbnail 10+ times until it evolves into something new I can work from.

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*when having trouble coming up with something creative