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This is a one name genealogical study of the Nineham family. The bulk of the coverage is 1750-1900. This is very much a work in progress so if you have any additional information or corrections please let me know.

Please view the family trees shown on this site as theories; I have not verified most of the information yet and in some cases I have not based a parent/child relationship on much evidence. I am working on the theory that all Ninehams are related, since there are not that many of them and they all seem to originate from the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. A few have links back to the Isle of Wight, these may or may not be related. There is also a Ninham family in Norfolk but I do not think this has any connection, though to confuse matters at least one branch of the Purbeck Ninehams dropped the E (I am still use the Nineham spelling for them to simply the identification process).

Most of the information has come from the Internet and some from original records. Particular thanks goes to Sue Mills for her pages on the Dorset OPC site and all the other contributors to the OPC site.

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Place Name Index

For a list of places where birth, marriage and death events have occurred in the Nineham family see the place name index.

I've standardized all of the place names and broken the index down by country and region. In the case of English registration districts, the region (county) may not be quite what you expect as some districts straddle counties and some counties have changed over the years. I've tried to be consistent with district/county pairs but some may have slipped through and some districts are in old counties while others are in newer ones.


This site is a work in progress, so if you have any queries or information to add to the site please contact me, Malcolm Matthews, atContact details

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