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  aladin by Andrew Atkinson (2008). All rights reserved.

aladin’s signature approach is to reveal, depict and engage
with complex social (including organisational) processes by
utilising approaches which are imaginative as well as


  - In his practice as a curator/producer and
interdisciplinary artist, aladin is fundamentally committed
to exploration, experimentation, learning , collaboration,
co-creation and knowledge-sharing as ends in themselves.

 - Acting as strategic counsel for clients in the private,
public and voluntary sectors, aladin supports them to introduce
creativity and transformation to their operational
management function as well as to their relationship with
wider civil society, thereby strengthening  internal
capacities to plan and act.


aladin is based in London but also responds to international
briefs. Engaging flexibly and with mobility across a wide range
of undertakings, aladin has been testing and developing
management, social and cultural methodologies since the

aladin has provided counsel on strategic planning as well as on
stakeholder engagement to clients including: EDF Energy,
Schlumberger, World Petroleum Council, City of Aarhus and the
U.K.’s Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs

aladin has taught as a visiting/Emeritus academic/Professor at
Manchester University, Copenhagen Business School, London
College of Communications (LCC), City University amongst others.
He has written feature articles (e.g. Guardian) and edited
international news coverage (e.g. as Editor Emeritus of; he has contributed scholarly articles (e.g. 
Performance Research Journal) as well as chapters in books (e.g.
‘Under [De]construction’, NIFCA 2002)

In inner-city London aladin has been operational and strategy lead
for youth and community development work across 20 public housing
estates in Southwark (Cambridge House and Talbot) and a prime
mover in culture led regeneration in Lewisham (as a strategic
counsel to Creative Lewisham, Chair of Head4Biz and Chair of
Entelechy Arts)

aladin jointly led the development of London’s first strategic
master plan for culture while Co-Chair of the Cultural Strategy
Group at City Hall (highlights included the Olympic bid, creative
industries strategy and “cultural diversity”) and was creative
producer of The Changing Room project Turin/Venice Biennale
2011 and London 2012 Festival/Cultural Olympiad (arts and the
uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa).


aladin's practice has been recognised through a number of
citations, commendations, platforms and awards from:
DEFRA/ARUP/Ipsos-Mori, International Federation of
Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS), Financial
Times/Arts & Business, Manchester University, Copenhagen
Business School, World Petroleum Council, Mayor of
London/City Hall, D&AD, London Design Festival, Design
Inspirations, Manifesta, National Review of Live Art, British
Festival of Visual Theatre, The Centre for Performance
Research, Time Out/Alternative Arts International Festival,
Portobello Film Festival, Nissan, Magic  Academy of Bangalore.


"In times of crisis we need to be even more creative in
finding the right solutions. The work of aladin is of the kind
that moves our thinking and innovation forward, and he has
                been a great inspiration for me."
       (Uffe Elbaek/Minister for Culture/Denmark 2012)

                 "strategic planning guru"
    (The Guardian, 2012)

"escapes formal introduction as he’s avoided the beaten paths …
extraordinary and unusually eloquent … aladin operates within
the realm of the seemingly impossible. ..excels in multiple fields,
…unrelenting in his quest for better ways for society and people
to conduct their lives… perhaps the most surprising part about
aladin is that he’s in fact very grounded once you get to know
him. And that usually happens really fast, as he’ll meet you at
eye-level and immediately pick up on and add to whatever you
                            throw at him
                         (Conferize, 2012)
 (Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Founder Conferize, Co-Founder Issuu.)

aladin defies conventional definition; challenging established
approaches and perspectives; working with clients to plan and
develop more resilient, sustainable visions; creating social
       dividends and civic gain and delivering real results.

            (Mark Borkowski/Borkowski.Do 2012)

Civic diplomacy expert and art curator aladin makes things happen.
    (Nafas Magazine, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations,
                Government of Germany 2012)

 aladin co-created the world’s first integrated development
 plan for a capital city’s culture, media, sport, arts, heritage,

                     (The Big Society 2012)

aladin crosses and brings together multiple identities and high
profile institutions; a creative worker par excellence. For
aladin, magic is one means to achieve what he desires, which
is to make a change. In this sense magic retains some of its
old function: to open ways of being and seeing the world up to
chance and to new perspectives. Perhaps the magic that aladin
invokes is nothing less than fitting for the contexts in which he
moves, holding open the tension between aesthetics and

                  (No More Potlucks 2012)

an ordinary interview turned into something memorable, what
             aladin might call something “real”.

                      (Cyprus Mail 2012)

one of the most influential figures in civil society in the UK in
the past decade [with] a wide-ranging career that defies all
                    attempts at summary.

                    (Pimp My Cause 2012)

It was truly an honour and privilege to share ideas and insights
under the mindful curatorship of the ultimate Connector. What
an exceptional magician; creating a safe and creative space in
a disused tube tunnel on a Saturday morning,getting a bunch of
exceptional and exceptionally busy people to come and open
their hearts and minds to sharing, learning and new possibilities.

                          (CEO of an NGO  2012)

 What a beautiful gift you gave to us today. It was connection
with social purpose and thoughtful. It was simultaneously
energising and relaxing. You provided us a space to connect and
reconnect with ourselves in a creative practice which was void
of process or paraphernalia. It was clever because it was a covert
process for intellectual inquiry and rich. It also made us think about
           wider social purpose and making things better.

        (CEO of one of the world’s largest social funds. 2012)

Thank you. Incredible people and fun times all along. The challenge
                  was very beneficial for me.

(Executive Director who has held posts in three global
                      companies. 2012)

"Possessing an elfine magnetic energy, aladin himself is the
perfect embodiment of the Changing Room.This exhibition was
not just about seeing art, maybe for a split-second, and moving
on. It was about trying to understand what comes before, and
what lies behind, the artwork that we see. It is an unfiltered
account of the artists’ engagement with art and their
environment, a story of substance over form. “Art is a prism into
how society is. It is not itself a window to look at, but a window
                           onto society.”

                       (TheArtVocate 2012)

aladin: ‘Times are changing. The Changing Room is about
   understanding change, triggering dialogue and making
                   conversations happen.’

                   (Hub Westminster 2012)

         'Heterodox, discordant, audacious, aladin's
  practice has influenced countless lives through utilising

   and excelling in multiple approaches and disciplines'
                         (D&AD, 2010)

    "Iconoclast who is one of the U.K.'s most celebrated
  creative talents, bringing inspiration to millions, uniquely
 integrating strategy, culture and magic, counselling global
 industries and curating sustainable practices, arts projects
                        and cultural plans
                  ('Design Inspirations, 2009)

"London United's interdisciplinary co-founder ... exhilarating ...
             magical ... a real night to remember
                  (London Design Festival, 2007)                      

               "Under the radar, ahead of the pack
            away from the crowd and beyond fashion -
            aladin continues to plough his own furrow"
                 (Portobello Film Festival, 2007)

                        "Cultural maverick"
                   (South London Gallery

  aladin by Ian Greaves (2012). All rights reserved.

Selected Work
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