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A Long Island Hardcore act with progressive inclinations. Founded by singer Daryl Palumbo and SONS OF ABRAHAM guitarist Justin Beck, having known each other since their early teens, the formative stages of the band, which saw inception with a 1994 demo recording, would be wrought by successive line-up changes. Other early recordings saw the inclusion of two tracks 'Faust' and 'Pravado' on the 1996 various artists collection '516: A Long Island Hardcore Compilation'. The band would also release a demo 'Impossible Shot', release the three track 7" single 'Our Color Green In Six Eighth Time' and share a live split demo with MOTIVE that same year. GLASSJAW's appeal started to creep out of New York with the issue of the 1997 EP 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' and the 1999 demo session 'Monster Zero'.

GLASSJAW settled on a roster of Palumbo, Beck, SONS OF ABRAHAM guitarist Todd N. Weinstock, bassist Manuel Carrero, and the YOUTH OF TODAY credited drummer Sammy Siegler for recording of the May 2000 Roadrunner Records debut album 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence'. Japanese variants added an extra track, 'Modern Love Story' featuring a guesting Ray Cappo of SHELTER.

Upon completion of recording ORANGE 9MM's Larry Gorman took command of the drum role. Nationwide touring to promote the record found GLASSJAW packaged with DROWNINGMAN and SHADOWS FALL in October of 2000, European gigs allied with SOULFLY and also going out in the USA as support to the DEFTONES.

To fulfil recording sessions on GLASSJAW's 2002 album 'Worship And Tribute' producer Ross Robinson pulled in drummer Shannon Larkin, a member of AMEN and veteran of UGLY KID JOE and WRATHCHILD AMERICA. European dates fot the latter half of the year would be cancelled though as it was learned Daryl Palumbo was a long term sufferer of the intestinal disorder Crohn's disease and had recently been taken ill. Indeed, GLASSJAW's December British dates would be pulled as Palumbo was rushed to a London hospital after suffering a relapse. The gigs would be re-scheduled for April of 2003 but, with another serious relapse in Palumbo's condition, these subsequent dates would also be curtailed.

In mid 2003 GLASSJAW frontman Daryl Palumbo and drummer Larry Gorman allied themselves with producer Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura to form the Electro band HEAD AUTOMATICA. This band would act as support to LOSTPROPHETS November 2004 UK dates.

That same month Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck reformed the band, apparently without offering to extend an invitation to guitarist Todd Weinstock. However, in early December rumours circulated GLASSJAW had folded as all shows were cancelled.

Former GLASSJAW guitarist Todd Meinstock reappeared in a new band dubbed MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN during July of 2005. Recording an album and debuting on the US club circuit in August.

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