Accent Vocal - New Album Out Now!
Accent is the most amazing young vocal group on the planet! Jorge Calandrelli –  Grammy Award-winning composer, arranger and orchestrator I hate you guys, with all my heart… in the best way possible - Clark Burroughs, The Hi-Los You carry on the vocal group legacy - Alan Paul, The Manhattan Transfer

Accent Vocal A Cappella

These guys are exceptional musicians...Their debut recording is a harbinger of a signature sound that is sure to delight audiences for years to come.” - Cedric Dent, TAKE 6 As creamy and luscious as vocal jazz comes This is a slick group you'll want to keep tabs on. -The Recorded A Cappella Review Board

About Us

Accent is a collaboration of musicians from around the world looking to bring you the best in a cappella and jazz. Nothing says "harmony" like coming together across international borders.

Drawing inspiration from the vocal jazz pioneers who preceded them, Accent is forging a new path, melding jazz, pop and contemporary a cappella into one sound.

Watch our amazing story below:

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