[Fixed] Joomla 3.x Error with Jaliro Plugin and Glossary component


When you upgrade to joomla 3.x or new installation Joomla 3.x with Glossary free component from remository.com you will get messages like that: Sorry, this version of Glossary requires PHP version 5.2.3 or later and/or Sorry, this version of Glossary requires the Jaliro plugin to be installed and active. So what is Jaliro Joomla plugin? The Jaliro Plugin provides an advanced software platform for the newest versions of Glossary. It must be installed before installing […]


Can you Give Away Something in WordPress for a Tweet?


Twitter and WordPress are both huge and they both provide many benefits. Combine the two of them and you could find things going viral very fast. One of the coolest ways to combine both Twitter and WordPress is with the “Pay with a Tweet” method. This method allows you to give away a guide or anything else, but first, the visitor must Tweet out your website. Here’s how it works. The Pay with a Tweet […]


4 Mistakes Every Ecommerce Website Should Avoid

Bad Design

Getting into ecommerce is one of the best educational experiences of my life. I have learned a lot of things by performing in-depth research over the primary characteristics and requirements of running an ecommerce website successfully. After all my research work, one question often pops in my mind as well as in the minds of many ecommerce owners. Do your ecommerce site has sufficient conversion rate? Or you are finding difficult to convert your leads […]


How can Joomla Users Experience the Top Benefits

Joomla Cloud Hosting

Joomla is known as one of the best open source content management systems available today. This CMS provides plenty of benefits for users. Getting the most out of your Joomla website doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a look at the benefits Joomla provides, along with a few tips to get the most out of your website. No-Nonsense Navigation One of the many benefits of Joomla is the straightforward navigation provided. This is a very […]


5 Surprising Benefits of Using VPS Hosting for a Joomla Website

VPS Hosting for Joomla Website

If your Joomla website has outgrown its shared hosting plan, it’s time for you to upgrade to another plan that will enable the site to function at its full capacity. One of the reasons why you chose Joomla in the first place is because of its enhanced performance. It would be a shame if your site was designed to handle large amounts of traffic but the hosting plan could not accommodate it, especially if traffic […]


Do Modern Responsive Websites benefits Google ranking?

Reponsive Design

Responsive web design is a specialized approach to design a website in which the web-pages adapt to various browsers, resolutions, or devices and fall into suitable layout without requiring any customization. A responsive website provides a superior browsing experience in a wide array of devices without requiring much panning, scrolling or adjusting the layout. You might have heard that SEO is an effective way to grow business and if you do not have a responsive […]


Revealing Pros and Cons of Joomla vs. WordPress

Wordpress vs Joomla Market

Debating over the pros and cons of Joomla vs. WordPress is not so easy as both stands equal in popularity when it comes to implementing efficient open source Content Management System (CMS). Now you might think which of these two CMS to choose if they both are equally famous? This question has no simple answer but checking out some pros and cons of both platforms will definitely help you in extracting the best possible conclusion […]


A silhouetted guideline on detecting and resolving JavaScript conflicts within a Joomla site

Joomla Logo

Nowadays, a wide majority of Joomla web developers have started using JavaScript for building websites and web applications. Backed by amazing concepts viz: Ajax and Web 2.0, Javascript has served as an excellent tool for pacing up the web development projects. Rendering a basis for object-oriented programming, Ajax functions allow you to work with the graphic effects such as animations. With all that being said about JavaScript, it is also essential to realize the fact […]


How to installation D4J woocommerce featured products for WordPress?


D4J Woocommerce featured products is great plugin to show your products by Categories. If you want to display more Products in home page, woocommerce featured products will help you to show its. Installation: In your Dashboard click to add new plugin as normal WordPress plugin installation in your search type “woocommerce featured products” and find woocommerce featured products plugin. Or you can download plugin from http://joomquery.com/ and then installation by Upload file. Or use your file manager […]


B Metis- a FREE responsive Joomla 3.3 template

Joomla 32

Designed by ByJoomla team, B Metis is a responsive theme with Joomla 3.3 for you to do multi-purpose websites. With total responsive elements such as slider, text, extensions, images and fluid lay-out, you can see full-width page in any devices: mobile phone, tablet and so on. Template information  Name: B Metis Author: ByJoomla License: GNU/GPL v3.0 Extension version: v3.x Type: Free Main features Totally responsive on both front-end and back-end Outstanding B Image Slider 3 Blue […]


Vinaora Extensions

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