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I am not saying NICA sucks, but Tomac didn't need it.

Bill ChristensenComment
Be humbled, child. 

Be humbled, child. 

On the subject of high school mountain biking, I say this to NICA: if you're trying to break through some sort of class barrier, I don't think this is the way you're going to do it. Don't care how you slice it, in the current NICA structure you're not going to find [insert stereotypical name like "Jamar" or "Jose" here] from the hood, throw him on a bike, and BAM! the USA's winning World Cups again. 

And make no mistake, breaking through the class system is something that NICA is supposed to be about. Winning World Cups, of course, is not. This is a touchy-feely, "we got bikes in to schools" organization. So what's your goal, NICA, and how do you want to fund it? To be frank, this world is about making money, and no one is going to be "all in" without a plan. Where does the money of getting more kids on bikes come from? The schools? The shops? The industry? To the NICA guy/gal who responds to this, who writes your check and where are those dollars born? 

Tell us, exactly, how this is supposed to work. 

Where does the money of getting more kids on bikes come from?