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Cohort: American Dyno Kibbles [Short Fiction]

Cohort: American Dyno Kibbles [Short Fiction]
A militia man is compelled to action.
Despite dedication to training, a mishap delays one man's rush to the fight.


I like this story, it makes me feel 'jangly'. Chalker is an intriguing character and I appreciate the Dyno Kibbles bit. Parts of the story slide fast and other bits slow it down a bit too much, some streamlining of the action perhaps. As for COHORT, this certainly deals with a group of people, a militia in action. At its core though it explores an individual Chalker. I would like to see more exploration and pushing to the front the internal dynamics, interaction, the internal policies that drive Chalker and the militia men. I appreciate the Dyno Kibbles brought about the transformation and Chalker's feeling left out of the Revolution. The language and allegiances within the group itself and how that moves the characters and actions of the stories is something to be focused on and explored more.

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