One important asset of the refinery is its capacity to process and store a variety of different crude oil. The refinery has the capacity to process 320.000 barrels per day. Bullenbaai Terminal is specially created to facilitate transshipment of oil from Middle East and West Africa to shallow water ports of US Gulf and East Coasts.
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The Bullenbaai Terminal was built to facilitate the transshipment of Middle East and West African crude oil destined for the shallow water ports of the US Gulf and East Coasts, and is the longest established and much the largest terminal in the Caribbean. Since opening in 1974 it has provided an important link in the international transportation of crude oil (monthly throughputs often exceeding 1 million barrels per day), not only in these supply routes, but also from South and Central America to the European markets. Transshipment at Bullenbaai Terminal has enabled refiners and traders alike to take advantage of substantial freight savings by utilizing relatively low unit cost Very large crude carriers/Ultra large crude carriers tonnage for the long haul to or from Bullenbaai Terminal in conjunction with the smaller tankers necessary for discharge in the USA and loading in South and Central America.

By virtue of the size and flexibility of the facility Bullenbaai Terminal has more recently been able to develop, both segregated heated tankage suitable for fuel oil and heavy crude oil storage and blending, and segregated clean tankage suitable for the storage and blending of clean oil products. This flexibility is important in enabling Bullenbaai Terminal to respond to the varied and rapidly changing requirements of international oil supply and trading.

The size and flexibility of the terminal has also enabled Bullenbaai Terminal to provide for other important developments from this traditional transshipment such as bulk strategic crude oil storage, the handling of heated crude oil and the blending of heated and unheated crude oil to give an unheated blend for easier handling of on-shipment, complex ship to ship cargo transfers and crude oil time exchanges, all of which reflect a changing and more complex international oil market. Bullenbaai Terminal was constructed and is maintained to meet the highest safety and environmental standards of the industry. In addition to extensive mobile and fixed fire control equipment, Bullenbaai Terminal maintains oil spill clean up equipment including, skimmers, booms and approved chemical dispersants.

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