Rush With Mitch Bossi, Spring 1971

"In February 1971, the group again gained a fourth member. Mitch Bossi joined as second guitarist. Bossi, later told City magazine that he was a mediocre musician who was more interested in having fun and wearing flashy clothes than in making music. He only stayed with the band a few months. He told the magazine that he quit because the others took it all so seriously. He added, 'I didn't see too much future in the band. They were a different kind of people to me. They didn't worry about security, they thought everything would turn out all right'......The band's insistence on playing original songs caused problems for Ray. During the summer of 1971 he was able to find them only three gigs. They later called those months 'The Dead Summer'. It was during this time that Mitch was thrown out of the band.'" - Visions

"[Mitch Bossi] was not an original, he was there I guess it would have been late seventy-one. He was only in the band for about five months, we were just kids. He was good-looking and had good hair, but he wasn't a very good guitar player and he wasn't that interested in the musical side of being in the band. But, yeah, good hair, that's important." - Alex Lifeson, Classic Rock, October 2004

Rush in 1971: Alex Lifeson, Mitch Bossi, Geddy Lee and John Rutsey