Filmfare Awards 2016: "Off with your pants!" Alia Bhatt tells Shah Rukh Khan!

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The actress asked SRK to remove his pants inorder to do something 'cool' while hosting the show

Filmfare Awards, which was screened on Sunday was indeed a fun-filled event. Be it for the amazing star performances or for the two hilarious hosts -Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma entertaining us to the core, it had something in store for each of us to watch.

However, one cannot deny that the most amusing part was the clever yet 'dumb' conversation shared between 2 States actress Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan. The two, passed crazy remarks at each other as Alia asked Shah Rukh Khan to become more of a 'cooler' host for the evening and do something which is 'out of the blue'. While doing so, she asked 'SR' aka Shah Rukh to remove his pants in front of the entire audience.

She later told him that she wants to upload a 'belfie' which is his bum's selfie on her Instagram account and asked him to remove his pants. The actor, while refusing to do such thing on the show, said that families are watching this show. He further made a snarky remark at Alia (in jest, of course!) that not every family in India is as 'edgy' as her family is!

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Shah Rukh and Alia will be seen opposite each other in Gauri Shinde's upcoming movie. And after this camaraderie between the two, we cannot wait to see their chemistry in their film!

Watch the hilarious conversation between the two here:


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