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Personal Digital Archiving 2012

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Wednesday – February 22.

| 7:30 pm. Movie Screening

Lost Landscapes of Detroit, Year Two. Produced by Rick Prelinger.
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Thursday – February 23.

| 9:00-9:15. Welcome and Introduction

| 9:15-10:00. Keynotes

The Internet Archive and Personal Archives. Brewster Kahle

The Library of Congress: Personal Digital Archive Advice for the General Public.  Mike Ashenfelder, Library of Congress

| 10:15-10:30 Break

| 10:30-11:30 Cases and Examples

How my Family Archives Affected Others.  Stan James.

Unstable Archives: Performing the Franko B Archive.  Jo An Morfin-Guerrero, University of Bristol.

| 11:30-12:15 Media Types

Processing and Delivering Email Archives in Special Collections using MUSE.  Peter Chan, Stanford University Libraries.

parallel-flickr.  Aaron Straup Cope.

Remember the Web? Practical challenges of Bookmarking for Keeps.  Maciej Ceglowski, Pinboard.

| 12:15-1:45. Lunch.

| 1:45-2:00. Post-Lunch.

What I’ve learned from gardening my Brain.  Jerry Michalski, The REXpedition.

| 2:00-3:00 Social Network Data.

Arc-chiving: saving social links for study.  Marc A. Smith, Social Media Research Foundation.

Personal Interaction Archiving: Saving our Attitudes, Beliefs, and Interests.  Megan Alicia Winget, School of Information, University of Texas at Austin.

| 3:00-4:00 Systems/Tools/Platforms.

Putting Personal Archives to Work: Reminiscence, Search and Browsing.  Sudheendra Hangal, Stanford University.

Cowbird : A public library of human experience Jonathan Harris, Cowbird.

Data Triage and Data Analytics for Personal Digital Collections.  Kam Woods, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

| 4:00-4:30 Break.

| 4:30-5:10 Lightning Talks

Personal Data Ecosystems Kaliya Hamlin

iKive: Towards a Trusted Personal Archives Service.  Christopher Prom, UIUC.

Information Packaging for Personal Archiving.  Henry M. Gladney, HMG Services.

Digital Curation for Excel (DCXL), Carly Strasser, California Digital Library.

| 5:10-5:30 Keynote.

A Data Archiving Service.  Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive.

| 5:30-6:30 Reception

Friday – February 24.

| 9:00-9:15. Welcome and Re-gear.

| 9:15-9:45 Keynotes.

Ownership, aggregation and re-use of Personal Data.  Cathy Marshall, Microsoft Corp.

| 9:45-10:30 User Studies.

What is your plan for your personal digital archives after your lifetime?  Learning from individuals.  Sarah Kim, University of Texas at Austin.

Personal Archiving in Not Personal Spaces.  Debbie Weissmann.

Use of Personal Archives: Family History Works.  Lori Kendall, UIUC.

| 10:30-11 Break

| 11:00-12:30 Academics.

Panel.  What’s being Lost, What’s being Saved: Practices in digital scholarship and personal archiving.  Smiljana Antonijevic, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; John Butler, University of Minnesota; Laura Gurak, University of Minnesota. Includes: Faculty Member as Micro-Librarian: Critical literacies for personal scholarly archiving.  Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Penn State University Libraries.

I, Digital: Personal collections as an archival endeavor.  Christopher (Cal) Lee, University of North Carolina.

| 12:30-1:30. Lunch.

| 1:30-2:00. Post-Lunch.

Archive Team and the Case of the Widespread Recognition.  Jason Scott.

| 2:00-3:00 Commercial Services.

The Business of Web Archiving.  Maciej Ceglowski, Pinboard.

Digital Archive for the Elderly: Facilitating Old-Fashioned Storytelling.  Jed Lau, Memoir Tree.

Every House has a History.  Stacy Colleen Kozakavitch.

| 3:00-3:30 Economics.

Modeling the economics of long-term storage.  David S. H. Rosenthal, Stanford University.

| 3:30-4:00 Break.

| 4:00-4:40 Lightning Talks

Singly: An Open Source personal data platform.  Matt Zimmerman, Singly.

Anarchive: A Performative archive within the SummerLAB’11.  Jo Ana Morfin-Guerrero, University of Bristol.

Personal Digital Photography and the Implications of Selective Positive Representation.  Eric C. Cook, University of Michigan.

Deep Personal Significance: Computer Gaming & the Notion of
Significant Properties, Jerome McDonough, UIUC.

| 4:40-5:00 Close.

What we’ve learned, and where we can go from here.  tbd.


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