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Fed up with unnecessary Austerity? Worried about an unsustainable economy? Trying to create sustainable communities?

‘Community capacity building’, ‘social inclusion’, ‘co-production’ – you’ve read the words in a thousand policy documents. Some strategies are more effective than others at turning those fine thoughts into reality, rather than creating new dependencies. How do we do it?

Effective communities know where their assets are and know how to use them to benefit everyone. Give a community some fish and people will eat for a day. Help them to make a fishing rod, teach them to fish, and they will eat for life. Community Loyalty Points, embedded in networks of mutual aid, are no wonder drug but, if designed right, can go a long way to helping communities to help themselves. Online and mobile technologies make it easier than ever before to make such networks the new normal.

Work with us to prototype and then embed Community Loyalty Points in communities everywhere.

This is the story of the new economy so let’s start telling it.