Last Updated: 2010-05-28

Public Health Reviews

Business license applications received for the following categories will be referred to the Public Health Department for regulatory review and approval.

  • Restaurants
  • Vendor Permits

Law Enforcement Reviews

Business license applications received for the following categories will be referred to the Police Department for regulatory review and approval.

Group I Fees

Business TypeLicense FeeRenewal Fee
Junk Dealers$35.00None
Medicine Vendors$35.00None
Merchants, secondhand gold, silver jewelry$440.00None
Employment Service$440.00None
Detective Service$35.00$220.00
Solicitor, orders for books, magazines & periodicals$35.00None
Pistols, retail$515.00None
Pawn Shop, pawnbrokers$550.00$145.00
Protective agent or agency$35.00$17.50
Security or group services$35.00$17.50

Group II Fees

Business TypeLicense FeeRenewal Fee
Secondhand dealers$590.00None
Amusement parks, gardens and buildings$40.00None
Athletic fields and parks, coliseums, & similar places$40.00None
Carnivals and other shows$735.00None
Circuses, wild west, trained animal, dog, pony and like shows$40.00None
Dance halls$80.00None
Merry-go-round, hobby horses and carousels$145.00None
Motion picture theatre$290.00None
Bowling alley$80.00None
Skating rink$80.00None

Group III Fees

Business TypeLicense FeeRenewal Fee
Billiard parlor$735.00$145.00

Renewal Fees

A renewal fee shall be collected each year for the following listed permits:

Business TypeRenewal Fee
Billiard parlors$145.00
Detective and detective service$220.00
Pawn Shops$145.00
Protective agent or agency$17.50
Security or guard service$17.50

Vendor Licenses

Steps to Acquiring A Sidewalk Vendors License

  1. Obtain commercial "liability insurance" for vending, minimum coverage of $300,000. The city of Richmond must be named as co-insured.

  2. A Federal tax identification number is required if you are not using your social security number and can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - (866)816-2065.

  3. Filing of Certificate of Assumed Name & Partnerships contact John Marshall Court Building (Clerk of the Circuit Court) (804)646-6530.

  4. A Health permit is required if selling food. Contact the City of Richmond Health Department at 400 E. Cary St. (804)205-3500.

  5. Dairy products contact Virginia Department of Agriculture (804)786-1452.
  6. The cost of the license is $225.00, plus $50.00 for each additional stand/cart. Vendor’s license covers one calendar year January 1st to December 31st.

  7. Please bring all required documentation to Department of Finance, Division of Tax Enforcement 900 E. Broad St. Rm 102.

  8. After purchasing a license you will receive a plate (to be displayed on your cart/stand) while vending. The city of Richmond requires that vendor(s) must have an official photo identification on their person at all times. The badge shall include a photograph of the vendor, business name, first and last name of employee.

Renewal period - January 1st to March 1st

All vendor/peddler(s) must have current documentation of insurance, health certificate and no delinquent taxes.

To obtain a complete copy of the City Code regarding vending rules and regulations call (804)646-7000 or email Ask Finance.

Please note that all proposed physical locations in the "Central Business District" must be approved by the Department of Finance Division of Tax Enforcement prior to licensing.

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