#DisruptTechInterviews using psych methods, maybe!

In which our heroine finally puts her degrees to use.


  1. Hi! My name is Ann, and I have a masters in research psychology. I've seen research through from stupid ideas and gross misunderstanding of theory to overextended discussion section (<-- that's a joke for people who've done research). If it helps my expertise (it does), I've also taught statistics and critical thinking courses at the university level.
  2. I'm a programmer now (omg hire me), and I don't do academia anymore, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned the mind of the researcher. I had some thoughts about #DisruptTechInterviews. Lots of people liked them! Maybe you will too? 🌟
  3. This didn't get nearly as many favs as it should have, you guys. Coming up with clear ideas of what you're looking for in an engineer and being able to justify those criteria to anyone on your team is SO IMPORTANT. Also, it'll just give you yourself a better idea of what you're doing, instead of looking for ninjas, which ok.
  4. Here it was pointed out to me that of course experiment implies random assignment, which probably isn't what you're doing. This is largely observational and survey work. You might come up with an interesting experimental paradigm! But probably don't because experiments get tricky with this many variables in the air.
  5. These things might be important in your organization! If they are, by all means, care about them. (But see above: be able to justify why caring about them is important.)
  6. These are two of my favorite concepts maybe on all of earth.