Unheimliches Neujahr

1 januari 2010


Position Normal “Music Knowledge (edit)”
Mort Garson “The Evil Eye”
Roj “You Are Here”
A To Austr “Thumbquake & Earthscrew”
Delia Derbyshire/Dudley Simpson/Brian Hodgson/David Vorhaus “Whirring Menace”
Position Normal “Nostril and Eyes (edit)”
Belbury Poly “Time Scale”
Broadcast & the Focus Group “What I Saw”
The Mesmerizing Eye “Exercise In Frustration”
Kreng “Na de Sex”
Position Normal “Evil (edit)”
Bruce Haack “Chant Of the Unborn”
Edward Williams “Coral Larvae”
Basil Kirchin “Head Steam”
Broadcast & the Focus Group “Oh You Chatterbox”
Position Normal “I’ve Been Alvin”
Woebot “Salami”
Delia Derbyshire with Berry Bermange “Dreams (edit)”
Edward Williams “Man - A Choice For a Future Of Life On Earth? (edit)”
Position Normal “Hop Sa Sa (edit)”

Unheimliches Neujahr (mp3, 39 min)


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