New Year’s Resolution: Support Small Business

Resolve to be a Small Business Champion!

We take pride in UrbanGirl‘s support of other small businesses, especially woman-owned businesses.  All of us are resolving to make an effort to support small businesses as much as possible in 2015.  We have previously outlined reasons why we support shopping small; now we are sharing some ways to do just that.  Here are some suggestions for Small Business New Year’s Resolutions.

1.  Research where you shop.

We know it is not practical to know every detail of every company.  However, when given a choice, try to find out as much as you can to make an informed decision regarding where to spend your money. Think about the questions that are important to you, and support those companies whose values align with yours.  How does the company treat employees?  Does the company give back to its community?  Does the company outsource its labor to other countries?

2.  Realize that price isn’t everything.

While this tip is not practical for everyone, if you can afford to spend a little more, don’t make price your only factor when making a purchase.  You might find a book in your locally owned bookstore, and then notice that the book is available online from a major retailer for a few dollars less.  If you can afford to do so, buy it from your local store to support your local economy.  A lower price from a larger company could mean that the company pays its employees less, outsources to other countries, or simply is able to buy in bulk–a luxury not afforded to smaller businesses.  These are all factors to consider when making a purchase.

3.  Try something different.

One of the great things about small businesses is their uniqueness.  Often, we buy from the same stores, online and off, because we trust them.  However, a large chain store will have the same items in every store.  Take a chance on something different.  Look online, as well as locally, for different options.  Seek out companies you haven’t tried before.  You may find a hidden gem that will become your new favorite place to shop.  Most small companies will link to an independent review site such as Trustpilot, or you can search the Better Business Bureau if you are scared to buy from a new company.  This resolution is great for restaurants, too. Resolve to eat in locally owned restaurants this year, instead of boring chain restaurants.  Your tummy and your local economy will appreciate it!

4.  Spread the small business love.

If you find a business you enjoy, tell people about it!  Small businesses often have little to no advertising budget.  The best thing to do to help keep a small business going is to tell others about it.  Eat at a great restaurant?  Write about it on UrbanSpoon or Yelp.  Find a cool product? Share a picture of it on Instagram or Pinterest.  Get great customer service? Brag about it on Twitter or Facebook.  This will help make sure those small businesses you love will continue to grow.

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