Bic Pens Fighting for Handwriting

Fighting for Handwriting

Bic has a campaign to save handwriting instruction in schools.  With schools focusing more and more on technology, handwriting is seen as a less important skill.  Cursive can’t be assessed by a fill-in-the-bubble test.  Schools want to prepare students for the future, and that future does seem dominated by keyboards rather than pens.  Of course, it may seem self-serving for a pen and pencil company to take up such a cause, but as a former teacher, I am behind this cause based on research as well as my own experience.

Handwriting, both printing and cursive, has benefits that go beyond the ability to put words on paper.  For younger students, handwriting instruction helps cognitive development, fine motor skills, and reading comprehension.  Research has shown that students with better handwriting skills perform better in the areas of reading and composition.  Students with poor handwriting skills produce poorer compositions in terms of content and length.  Writing has also been shown to activate areas of the brain that are not activated by keyboarding.  (source)

Research shows taking notes by hand produces better recall of the material than typed notes.  When students write notes from a lecture or book by hand, they listen better and recall the information better.  The act of writing by hand helps students stay focused on what they are learning and helps later with recall.  (source)  From my own teaching experience, I have found this to be true.

For more information about handwriting and Bic’s efforts to save it, check out their website “Fight for your Write.”

Here are some of our favorite Bic pens and pencils.  Click the photos to find them on UrbanGirl.

Bic Pen for Handwriting

Bic Pro Plus

We like this pen because it is comfortable to hold while writing, and has smooth-flowing ink.  It also is quite stylish for a basic black pen.

Handwriting on Paper and the Screen

Stylus and Pen 2 in 1

This is perfect for those of us who still like writing on paper, although we also often use an iPad or other tablet.  It is an actual ink pen on one end, with a stylus for writing on electronic devices on the other end.

Mechanical Pencil

Reaction Mechanical Pencils

Stylish pink #2 mechanical pencil which also helps to support breast cancer research.  Comes in a 2-pack with extra lead and erasers.


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