2016, 11-20 March
Maastricht, Netherlands

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From the outset TEFAF has been world famous for Old Masters. The fair offers an extensive collection of Flemish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, German and English paintings, prints and drawings from the 13th to the 19th century.

Art experts estimate that seventy percent of all the top quality Old Masters for sale in the world can be seen at TEFAF. Private collectors and professional art buyers make TEFAF a fixed date in their diaries. Major museums come to TEFAF to find works to add to their collections.

Since 2010 TEFAF has also staged  TEFAF Paper , a specialist section with drawings by old masters and classical modern artists, photography, antiquarian books and manuscripts, watercolours and prints.

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Exhibitors in this section

Didier Aaron & Cie François-André Vincent (1746-1816)Couple walking with a little girl, study for 'The Agriculture Lesson'
Agnew's Jules DesboisA satyr and a nymph
Daphne Alazraki Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Dronrijp 1836-1912 Wiesbaden)A Greek woman
Åmells Carl Larsson (Gamla Stan, Stockholm 1853-1919 Falun)Suzanne and another
Paolo Antonacci Antichità S.r.l. Franz Ludwig Catel (1778-1856)View of the Piazza di Monte Cavallo with the dioscures and the Quirinale Palace in Rome
Arnoldi-Livie Hans Schäufelin (Upper Rhine 1482/83-1539/40 Nördlingen)Christ on the Mount of Olives Deposition from the Cross and Lamentation
Jean-Luc Baroni Ltd. Théodore Géricault (Rouen 1791-1824 Paris)Portrait of a Young Man with an Open Collar
Charles Beddington Ltd Paolo de Matteis (Salerno 1662–1728 Naples)Portrait of Petruccio, playing an archlute
Berko Fine Paintings Jean DE LA HOESE (Brussels 1846 - Brussels 1917)Le billet de faveur
Kunsthandel A.H. Bies b.v. Hendrik Willem Mesdag (Groningen 1831-1915 The Hague)Fishing vessels at sea
Bijl-van Urk bv Frans Pourbus the Younger (Antwerp 1569-1622 Paris)Portrait of Charles de Chantecler (1543-1620)
Kunsthandel P. de Boer bv Salomon van Ruysdael (Naarden circa1602-1670 Haarlem)A View of Amersfoort
Kunsthandel Ivo Bouwman Jan Sluijters ('s-Hertogenbosch 1881-1957 Amsterdam)Road through the forest
Galerie Canesso Simone del Tintore (1630-Lucca-1708)Still life with a vase, chestnut branches, fruit, flowers and mushrooms on a stone surface
Galeria Caylus Matthias Stomer (Amersfoort 1600-1650 Sicily)Saint Jerome in his study
Galerie Eric Coatalem Anne Vellayer Coster (1744-Paris-1818)Bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase
Colnaghi Pedro de Mena (Granada 1628–1688 Málaga)Infant Jesus Christ
Daxer & Marschall Kunsthandel Wilhelm Leibl (Cologne 1844-1900 Würzburg)Portrait of the sculptor Tobias Weiss
Dickinson Pierre Auguste Renoir (Limoges 1841-1919 Cagnes-sur-Mer)Au bord de l’Eau
Douwes Fine Art Abraham Bloemaert (Gorinchem 1564-1651 Utrecht)Jesus feeds the Five Thousand (Miracle of the loaves)
Sam Fogg Adam and Eve (from a triptych)
French & Company, Llc Pasko Vucetic and Viktor KovacicHatred and Madness
Giacometti Old Master Paintings Corrado GiaquintoStudy of a Male Laying Nude
Richard Green Eugene Boudin Venise, la Salute, la Douane et le début du Grand Canal
Martyn Gregory Luke Clennell (1781-1840)Fishermen mending baskets, Isle of Wight
Haboldt • Pictura Fine Arts Max Slevogt (Landshut 1868–1932 Neukastel)A self-portrait in the garden at godramstein (Selbstbildnis im Garten)
Johnny van Haeften Ltd Jan van der Heyden (Gorinchem 1637-1712 Amsterdam)A palatial garden, with figures emerging from a palace on the right
Fergus Hall David Teniers the Younger (Antwerp 1610-1690 Brussels)A Vanitas Allegory of Covetousness
Jean-François Heim Anne-Louis Girodet (Montargis 1767-1824 Paris)Portrait of Mordecai
Derek Johns Ltd
De Jonckheere Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515-Lutherstadt Wittenberg-1586)Portraits of Martin Luther and of Philippe Melanchthon
Rob Kattenburg bv Andries van Eertvelt called Naentkens (1590-Antwerp-1652)A battle between Spanish galleons and Dutch warships before a rugged coastline
Jack Kilgore & Co., Inc. Alexander RothaugAm Nixenstein (The Water Nymph)
Koetser Gallery Aert de Gelder (1645-Dordrecht-1727)Bathsheba entreating David to name Salomon as his successor
Lampronti Gallery Carlo Cignani (Bologna 1628-1719 Forlì)Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Lowell Libson Ltd George Stubbs (1724-1806)The legs of a draught-horse
Salomon Lilian Sebastiaan Vrancx (1573-Antwerp-1647)The battle of Leckerbeetje
The Maas Gallery Ltd Harold Speed (1872-1957)Daphnis and Chloe
MacConnal-Mason Gallery Franz Richard Unterberger (1838–1902)The Bacino Di San Marco, Venice, looking east
Maison d´Art Salvador Dali (1907-Figueras-1989)Landscape of Port Lligat with Homely Angels and Fishermen
Moretti Florence - London - New York Sano di Pietro (1405-Sienna-1481)Madonna and Child enthroned; Christ Pantocrator
Otto Naumann Ltd. Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (Valencia 1863-1923 Madrid)The old man of Castille
Carlo Orsi Mario Balassi (1604–Florence-1667)Portrait of Marquess Giovanni Corsi (1600–1661)
Robilant + Voena, London-Milan-St. Moritz Lucio Fontana (Rosario 1899-1968 Varese)Concetto spaziale, Attese
Kunsthandlung Helmut H. Rumbler Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (Leiden 1606-1669 Amsterdam)The first Oriental head.
Galerie Sanct Lucas Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1796-Paris-1875)View of Monte Cavo, landscape of the surroundings of Rome
Galerie G. Sarti Artemisia Gentileschi (Rome 1593–1654 Naples)Judith beheading Holofernes
Xaver Scheidwimmer Balthasar van der Ast (Middelburg 1593-1657 Delft)Still Life with fruit in a Wan-Li-bowl with a bouquet of flowers,tulips and shells on a table
Rob Smeets Old Master Paintings Giovanni Battista Discepoli (Lugano 1590-1654 Milano)Saint George and the dragon
Stair Sainty Gallery Federico Beltran Masses (1885–1949)Salomé
Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts Pieter Christoffel Wonder (Utrecht 1777-1852 Amsterdam)Eene Oliekoekenbakster bij Kaarslicht (The Doughnut Maker by Candlelight)
Stoppenbach & Delestre Raoul Dufy (1877-1953)Bouquet de tulipes et anémones
Galerie Talabardon et Gautier Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (Leiden 1606-1669 Amsterdam)Smell
David Tunick, Inc. Rembrandt van Rijn (Leiden 1606-1669 Amsterdam)Abraham Francen, apothecary
Rafael Valls Ltd William Hogarth (1697-London-1764)A portrait of Thomas Western (1714-1766), seated in his study at Clare Hall, Cambridge
Galerie Florence de Voldère Abel Grimmer (1570-Antwerp-1619)The Tower of Babel
The Weiss Gallery William Larkin (circa 1580/5-1619)Jane, Lady Thornhagh (circa 1600–1661)
Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd Jan Weenix (1642-Amsterdam-1719)A grouse, kingfisher, and other game birds with a hare and a basket of fruit at the foot of a carved stone urn, an Italianate garden with a fountain beyond

The objects which are shown and described here have not been vetted. The vetting will take place in the week prior to the Fair.

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TEFAF offers more than 30,000 high quality works of art.