With the uncoloured mylar delta kite (Celtic Delta supplied with spars already assembled) take the kite out, put it on the floor, or a large table, and open it up with the spine spar visible (ie back of the kite). Put the two parts of the spreader spar (horizontal spar, wound with red cotton ends) to one side. Fit the other spars together (two laterals and the spine). The side (lateral) spars should then be pushed down to the bottom corners of the kite.

Then, push the spreader spar together. Put one end in one of the side pockets. Then, placing this pocket against the floor, or your foot, slightly bend the spar and fit the other end into the other pocket.  Do not pull on the pocket, just slip the spar into the pocket. Our gently use your arm and the side of your chest.

Finally, use the ribbon to loosely tie the spreader to the central spine (the Celtic Delta has a loop). You can eventually use a permanent knot, but it should be loose enough to slip the spreader spar out when you want to pack it away.

In all but the lightest breeze, attach the tail to the bottom centre of the kite for stability. Fly the kite before considering attaching the camera!!!  Let out at least 20 metres of line with someone holding the reel (or use a screw-in dog stake in the ground).

At the end of the line attach the kite.  When you look at the person holding the reel, the breeze should be blowing directly into your face.

Then stand behind the kite with the line pulled taut.  Raise your arms lifting the kite and let it fly ;o)

 Do not fly in winds above 20mph. A very gentle breeze is enough.

Check online weather forecasts for wind speed/gust speed:

To make things easy on site, with the mylar kite, I always glue my spars together and roll up the kite for transport.  It just fits in my car like that.

The camera is suspended from the line at least 15m, preferably more, from the kite.  The clips should be attached to the line shoulder width apart (they will arrive clipped together to reduce the risk of tangling the line).

When the camera is switched on (hold down small button for a few seconds) pressing the larger shutter button will start the 90 image time lapse. Images will be taken 10 seconds apart. This can be changed but is a good general time.  Wait for the first image to be taken after 10 seconds before releasing the camera...just to be sure it is working!


Have fun ;o