Health Profiles

The Health Profiles have been published annually for the last five years, the first set were published in 2006. They are produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO) on behalf of the Department of Health and are a collation of national and regional data. They provide a consistent, concise and balanced overview of a population’s health, making it easier to compare key health measures between different areas of England.

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  • Health Profiles
    Home page hosted on the APHO. This provides access to the Health Profiles as Adobe Acrobat documents and access to the new interactive maps, which is a new development available this year.
  • Health Profiles for the West Midlands
    Complete listing of all the Health Profiles available for the West Midlands region. The list is the result of one of the many search options available opn the site to help you find the data that you want.
  • West Midlands - Healthy Living best and worst map 2009

    This map is made up using data from the 2009 Health Profiles highlighting the West Midlands best/worst areas for each selected indicator.