Online game project wins ACT award

Online game project wins ACT award

Jason Tozer

7 November 2007: University of Canberra engineering students have proven they are the best in the capital region taking the top prize at the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Students Prize and Awards Night (ITEESPAN).

The awards night, held at Engineering House, Barton, last month recognised the efforts of final year engineering students from the University of Canberra, Australian National University (ANU) and the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

Kyle and Brenton  
Mr Rees accepts his award  

Stephen Rees, Dominic Snowdon and John Chapman's winning projected was “UC GameWork: Browsable Games”, an application that would allow people to browse, play and share statistics across a vast number of games created by amateur programmers.

The project also allows programmers to create games and distribute them in an online environment designed to reach mass audiences.

However, it wasn't just their project that Mr Rees, Mr Snowdon and Mr Chapman were being adjudicated on, they also had to present their project at the awards night discussing everything from design and planning to testing and evaluation.

Engineering course convenor Dr Xu Huang said that the students from the University were up against tough competition.

“All the teams, including those from ANU and ADFA were very impressive,” Dr Huang said.

“The perfect timing, clear and logical presentation, confident technology, smart and carefully designed strategic plan, excellent performance, and hard work led the University's team to their great result.”

Dr Huang attributes the win to more than just the hard work and determination of the students.

“This result is a University of Canberra team effort, with the school giving enormous support, academics such Robert Cox, the winner's supervisor, giving enormous support and all that showing through in the hard work and determination of the students,” he said.