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January - February, 2002


1/31/2002:Warmer, Faster? - ABC
1/31/2002:Landfill sites 'increase risk of genetic defects in babies by 40%' - Ananova
1/31/2002:Antarctic lakes show climate effects  - BBC
1/31/2002:Fears grow over landfill defect link  - BBC
1/30/2002:Seismic rumbling foretold Congo eruption  - Nature
1/30/2002:Clean forests prompt pollution rethink  - Nature
1/30/2002:PSEG to spend $300 million on clean air compliance... - FirstScience
1/30/2002:Government and environmentalists debate fate of burned Sierra Nevada forests... - Nando Time
1/30/2002:Scientists surprised at current effects of 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill... - Nando Time
1/30/2002:Mining interests, residents at odds in Montana...  - CNN
1/30/2002:U.S. backs boost for Asian elephants...  - CNN
1/30/2002:Effects of Exxon Valdez oil spill linger...  - CNN
1/30/2002:EPA, States Debate Clean Air Rules... - FirstScience
1/30/2002:Global recognition needed for Queenslands outback wetlands... - FirstScience
1/30/2002:Savage Planet... - FirstScience
1/30/2002:Protecting waterbirds from watercraft  - Eureka Alert
1/30/2002:Jaguar conservation spotty  - Eureka Alert
1/30/2002:Outside-in conservation- What's around an area  - Eureka Alert
1/30/2002:Fragmentation can make seedlings wimpy  - Eureka Alert
1/30/2002:US ecology dramatically altered by fertilizers and acid rain  - Eureka Alert
1/29/2002:Record Warm Temperatures At South Pole And Mcmurdo Base - SpaceDaily
1/29/2002:California Goes Topo In New 3D Release - SpaceDaily
1/29/2002:Pictures From the Real Edge- NASA Posts U.S. Topography Data - JPL
1/29/2002:First PROBA Pictures Promise Wealth of Environmental Data - Science Quest
1/29/2002:Earthquakes shake Goma but volcano is quiet - New Scientist
1/29/2002:Texas nuclear plant cited for improper handling of radioactive waste - Nando Times
1/29/2002:Wales leads on environmental issues... - FirstScience
1/29/2002:Camouflage on Clean Air...  - NY Times
1/29/2002:U.S. Settles on Plan to Recycle Plutonium...  - NY Times
1/29/2002:Lethal radioactive waste was dumped in landfill... - FirstScience
1/29/2002:Polluters to pay under EU green liability plan...  - CNN  
1/29/2002:Spain notifies EU of controversial water plan...  - CNN  
1/29/2002:Volcano Expert Foretold the Inevitable, but No One Cared...- L. A. Times
1/29/2002:On Earth, Some Days are Longer than Others  - Cosmiverse
1/28/2002:Funds Support Increased Nuclear Waste Shipments... - FirstScience
1/28/2002:Volcanic Gas Cloud Threatens Congo City... - FirstScience
1/28/2002:WWF welcomes a European first in ecologically friendly palm oil... - FirstScience
1/28/2002:Debate rages between government and environmentalists over burned Sierra Nevada forests... - FirstScience
1/28/2002:Bear-Viewing in North America Stirs Concerns About Safety - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/28/2002:Plans to protect Bhutan's bio-diversity  - BBC
1/27/2002:Slick birds are wearing wool  - Nature
1/27/2002:Risk of new eruptions appears to recede  - Nature
1/27/2002:Green Gold and the Potentials of the Lesser Known... - FirstScience
1/27/2002:MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL STAR TRIBUNE- The proper place for nuclear waste... - Nando Times
1/27/2002:E-waste flooding landfills... - USA Today
1/27/2002:Scorched Trees - ABC
1/27/2002:Scientists rediscover experiment which influenced Darwin - Ananova
1/27/2002:Scientists study volcanic hot spots - MSNBC
1/27/2002:Lost isle spotted off California coast - MSNBC
1/26/2002:Climate Change May Bring More Winter Floods, And A Drier Growing Season In California - SpaceDaily
1/26/2002:Risk of new eruptions appears to recede - New Scientist
1/26/2002:Probe to predict landslides and earthquakes - PhysicsWeb
1/26/2002:White House to propose large budget increase for National Wildlife Refuge System - Nando Times
1/26/2002:Waste will pour into Chinese dam... - FirstScience
1/26/2002:Questions loom large in Italian smog...  - BBC
1/26/2002:Exotic animals make up Tijuanas accidental zoo...
1/26/2002:Logging Science Debate Smolders in the Sierra... - L. A. Times
1/26/2002:Congo Struggles in Aftermath of Volcanic Blast... - L. A. Times
1/26/2002:Visions from the deep  - Eureka Alert
1/26/2002:Massive icecap could almost disappear by 2100 - Ananova
1/26/2002:Volcanic destruction  - BBC
1/25/2002:Toxic waste a $4b threat... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Kyoto pact bills head for the Diet... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:3 bills to be submitted for Kyoto pact... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Environmental Threat...  - NY Times
1/25/2002:Limiting Methane, Soot Could Quickly Curb Global Warming... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Monitoring of Radioactivity in Nevada Groundwater Flawed... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Chinese town demolished for dam...  - BBC
1/25/2002:20 06-58 Italian Cities Ban Traffic in an Effort to Reduce Air Pollution... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:China begins destroying towns and cities for Three Gorges Dam project... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:US Energy Secretary approves controversial nuclear waste disposal scheme... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:ANALYSIS- Bush's mixed record on the environment - Nando Times
1/25/2002:ANALYSIS- Russia growing more guarded about environmental policy - Nando Times
1/25/2002:Goats force tree scientists to mount rescue mission - Ananova
1/25/2002:Toxic mud TAXPAYERS will be billed for any environmental damage caused by tonnes of toxic and radioactive alum... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:New study scorches global warming fears... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Erupting Volcano near Goma affects humans, wildlife, WWF says... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Time to count the food miles?... - FirstScience
1/25/2002:Fast running lava floods Congolese city - New Scientist
Oceanographers in noble pursuit
  - Nature
1/24/2002:Global Warming in Reverse? - ABC
1/24/2002:Congo volcano
1/24/2002:Climate Change May Bring More Winter Floods, and a Drier Growing Season in California... - FirstScience
1/24/2002:A Chilling Effect on the Great Global Melt...  - NY Times
1/24/2002:A Bird Thats on a Lot of Hit Lists...  - NY Times
1/24/2002:Environmental economics- The new world order... - FirstScience
1/24/2002:Congo volcano- The facts  - BBC
1/24/2002:Oil spillage poses threat to Rayong... - FirstScience
1/24/2002:Greenpeace protesters sentenced in US...
1/24/2002:US Energy Secretary approves controversial nuclear waste disposal scheme...
1/24/2002:Over one fifth of water pollution consents exceed agreed limits...
1/24/2002:US President Bush signs Environmental law...
1/24/2002:Climate Change in Smoke-Filled Rooms...
1/24/2002:U.S. close to alternative greenhouse gas containment plan...
1/23/2002:Ice 'thickens' in West Antarctica  - BBC
1/23/2002:Conservation in the Falkland Islands - Economist
1/23/2002:Study links El Niño to deadly South American disease  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:NASA satellite instrument warms up global cooling theory  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:Climate change may bring more winter floods, and a drier growing season in California  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:NZ shares Greenpeaces Japanese whaling fears...
1/23/2002:China says Kyoto pact benefits both rich and poor...  - CNN  
1/23/2002:Ships got lost while dumping nuclear waste... - FirstScience
1/23/2002:Nuclear fuel rods missing from Connecticut plant for decades were likely disposed of... - FirstScience
1/23/2002:Denver attains clean air status... - FirstScience
1/23/2002:Environmental Defense, Entergy & Farmers Work To Slow Global Warming... - FirstScience
1/23/2002:Climate Change May Bring More Winter Floods, and a Drier Growing Season in California... - FirstScience
1/23/2002:Rains Help Australia Turn Corner on Worst Wildfires in Years...  - NY Times
1/23/2002:U.S. offers to help protect India's environment  - CNN
1/23/2002:Mexico may need 20 years to rescue environment  - CNN
1/23/2002:Fear of lead poisoning common in smelting city - Nando Times
1/22/2002:Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink  - Wired News
1/22/2002:Asia-Europe environment conference looks towards Kyoto implementation - SpaceDaily
1/22/2002:Whale farm plan lambasted  - BBC
1/22/2002:Waste war  - BBC
1/22/2002:West Antarctic ice sheet is thickening - New Scientist
1/22/2002:Yangtze River pollution at dangerous levels - New Scientist
1/21/2002:Noise breaks ice  - Nature
1/21/2002:Random Noise Could Have Affected Climate In Ice Age  - Unisci
1/21/2002:Real-Time Assessment Of One State's Weather Upcoming  - Unisci
1/21/2002:Raw Empirical Data Not Everything In Climate Study  - Unisci
1/20/2002:Ultrarare Woodpecker Spurs Ultimate Birding Trip - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/20/2002:New Species Of Conifer Found In Northern Vietnam  - Unisci
1/20/2002:New Method Greatly Improves U.S. Seasonal Forecasts - Science Quest
1/20/2002:An Alternate Scenario for Climate Change
1/20/2002:Seawinds Casts a Closer Eye on Tropical Cyclones - Science Quest
1/20/2002:Only The Cute Will Survive - SpaceDaily
1/20/2002:There's More To Ice Ages Than Main Theory - SpaceDaily
1/20/2002:China alarmed by Yangtze River pollution - Nando Times
1/20/2002:Greenpeace says Japan funding whaling return... - FirstScience
1/20/2002:Chernobyl trauma lives on...  - BBC
1/20/2002:Elephant tusks seized in Tanzania...  - CNN  
1/20/2002:Hazardous Waste Treaty Gets a Makeover... - FirstScience
1/20/2002:AmeriScan- January 15, 2002... - FirstScience

1/19/2002:Center To Make Hurricane Forecasting Faster, Better  - Unisci
1/19/2002:Underground Fires Menace Land and Climate  - NY Times
1/19/2002:Joy in Rwanda- Signing On With the Gorillas  - NY Times
1/19/2002:Justice Department steps up prosecution of environmental cases - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Supreme Court turns down case involving endangered shrimp - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Army Corps revokes some wetlands protections - Nando Times
1/19/2002:New survey on effects of global warming... - FirstScience
1/19/2002:Greenhouse Emissions Growth Slowed Over Past Decade  - Eureka Alert
1/19/2002:Seawinds casts a closer eye on tropical cyclones  - Eureka Alert
1/19/2002:Smithsonian researchers show Amazonian deforestation accelerating  - Eureka Alert
1/19/2002:The lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea - is sinking even lower - Ananova
1/18/2002:Antarctica valleys getting colder despite global warming - Ananova
1/18/2002:Prince Charles attacks seabird extinction threat from longline fishing - Ananova
1/18/2002:Animals retreat as Antarctic cools  - BBC
1/18/2002:Habitat Fragmentation Can Amplify Ecological Stresses More Than Previously Thought  - Eureka Alert
1/18/2002:US companies breaking environmental laws can now obtain federal contracts... - FirstScience
1/18/2002:Eco-friendly engineer uses recycled concrete to consruct Minnesota office building... - FirstScience
1/18/2002:Automating The Development Of Volcanic Hazard Maps...  - Unisci
1/18/2002:Endangered turtles 'saved by Hindu god link' - Ananova
1/18/2002:Albatrosses get prince's protection  - BBC
1/18/2002:Lagos confronts its waste problem  - BBC
1/17/2002:El Niño 'could return in months'  - BBC
1/17/2002:Environmental group points to worsening conditions... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:Congo River Basin- Geology and soil type influence drought impact  - Eureka Alert
1/17/2002:Greenpeace director resigns... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:Greenpeace Star Wars Protesters Guilty of Misdemeanor... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:State of the World 2002- The Road to Johannesburg... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:Nepal to Establish Pollution Control Standards... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:Italian Death Rate Higher in Industrial Areas... - FirstScience
1/17/2002:Rules on Pollution...  - NY Times
1/17/2002:Farmers Sue Makers of GM Crops...  - Wired News
1/17/2002:China pledges billions to cut pollution...  - BBC
1/17/2002:Wilderness Above, a Mine Below and a Furor  - NY Times
1/16/2002:Automating The Development Of Volcanic Hazard Maps  - Unisci
1/16/2002:Chemicals At Earth's Core Surprisingly Complicated  - Unisci
1/16/2002:NOAA's art- Watching for El Nino  - CNN
1/16/2002:Environmentalists move to block Allegheny Forest drilling, calling site pristine... - FirstScience
1/16/2002:Canadian organic farmers sue Monsanto over GM crops... - FirstScience
1/16/2002:Bush is no environmental defender, attorneys charge... - FirstScience
1/16/2002:Dreaded el Nino could hit U.S. in spring... - FirstScience
1/16/2002:Space Survey Yields New Info on California's Landscape, Quakes - JPL
1/16/2002:Study examines problems caused by wildlife - Nando Times
1/15/2002:The influence of disturbance on tropical rain forest biodiversity- End of a controversy in sight  - Eureka Alert
1/15/2002:Alaska oil plans stir controversy  - BBC
1/15/2002:Why forests need fires  - BBC
1/15/2002:Tight security rings U.S. nuclear power plants... - FirstScience
1/15/2002:Four convicted for smuggling CFCs... - FirstScience
1/15/2002:El Nino Making A Comeback-... - FirstScience
1/15/2002:Humpback whale matches signal breakthrough for WWF-Philippines research... - FirstScience
1/15/2002:Energy Dept Endorses Nevada Site for Nuclear Waste... - FirstScience
1/15/2002:Green Group Gives Earth Failing Report Card - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/15/2002:Administration will seek to double funds for brownfields clean-up - Nando Times
1/15/2002:Report finds Earth worse 10 years after summit - Nando Times
1/15/2002:El Niño Returning? - ABC
1/15/2002:Tiny Baby Penguins Threatened by Iceberg Blockade - ABC
1/13/2002:Year 2001 Only Slightly Warmer Than Average- Study  - Unisci
1/13/2002:Study- Missouri River needs natural flow  - CNN
1/13/2002:Former Greenpeace chief defends PR role... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Fired up to fight pollution at plants... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Us Attorney’s Office Drops Felony Charges Against Greenpeace Star Wars 17... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Group seeks to block drilling in Allegheny National Forest - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Bush brothers sign agreement to provide more water to Everglades - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Environmentalists, ranchers compete over grazing rights - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Study Challenges Idea of Seeding Oceans With Iron to Curb Global Warming - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/13/2002:Making the Best of What Remains of Shrinking Habitats  - NY Times
1/13/2002:Year 2001 Only Slightly Warmer Than Average- Study  - Unisci
1/13/2002:Study- Missouri River needs natural flow  - CNN
1/13/2002:Former Greenpeace chief defends PR role... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Fired up to fight pollution at plants... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Us Attorney’s Office Drops Felony Charges Against Greenpeace Star Wars 17... - FirstScience
1/13/2002:Group seeks to block drilling in Allegheny National Forest - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Bush brothers sign agreement to provide more water to Everglades - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Environmentalists, ranchers compete over grazing rights - Nando Times
1/13/2002:Study Challenges Idea of Seeding Oceans With Iron to Curb Global Warming - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/13/2002:Making the Best of What Remains of Shrinking Habitats  - NY Times
1/12/2002:Ancient Supernova May Have Triggered Eco-Catastrophe...  - NASA - MSFC
1/12/2002:Rollback on Clean Air...  - NY Times
1/12/2002:US Does Missile Deal With Greenpeace For Five Years... - SpaceDaily
1/12/2002:Senators Plan Joint Hearings on Clean Air...  - NY Times
1/12/2002:Former Greenpeace chief defends PR role... - Ananova
1/12/2002:Hindu high priests and Adat leaders support turtle conservation... - FirstScience
1/12/2002:Greenpeace activists avoid trespass trial...  - BBC
1/12/2002:Senate to Examine Plans to Weaken Pollution Rules...  - NY Times
1/11/2002:Panel Urges Easing U.S. Air Pollution Rules - ABC
1/11/2002:Supernova blast 'may have sparked earthly disaster'  - Ananova
1/11/2002:Japan's whale-seeking satellite  - BBC
1/11/2002:Geological Society of America  - Eureka Alert
1/11/2002:Sweden Moves to End Landfilling Household Waste... - FirstScience
1/11/2002:Greenpeace activists admit lesser charges over Star Wars protest... - FirstScience
1/11/2002:Northeast States Fear More Power Plant Pollution... - FirstScience
1/11/2002:Greenpeace activists avoid trespass trial...  - BBC
1/11/2002:Senate to Examine Plans to Weaken Pollution Rules...  - NY Times
1/10/2002:Probing The Upper Reaches of Earth's Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
1/10/2002:Singapore to set up academy for environmental protection... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Conservation groups criticise Japanese whale farm plan... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Roo cull quota riles green groups... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Regulators Urge Easing U.S. Rules on Air Pollution... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Canada Sets Sights on Prime Greenhouse Gas Emitters... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Pollution trial opens for Alabama brothers illnesses...
1/10/2002:Greenpeace activists could face jail...  - BBC
1/10/2002:Foes resume battle over Clean Air Act... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Environmentalists, ranchers compete over grazing rights... - Nando Times
1/10/2002:Australian government must act on Kyoto to avert further Reef bleaching... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Ethiopia- Warnings of environmental disaster... - FirstScience
1/10/2002:Former Greenpeace chief joins Monsantos PR firm... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:Dire decade  - BBC
1/9/2002:Why forests need fires  - BBC
1/9/2002:North American Biodiversity is Shrinking  - Cosmiverse 
1/9/2002:UMAINE professor develops classification system for eastern and central U.S. winter storms  - Eureka Alert
1/9/2002:Plan for nuclear waste splits Nev. town... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:Brazil has now one million hectares of FSC-certified forests... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:Drawn-Out Tahoe Case May Be a Watershed on Land Use... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:The Answers That Are Blowing in the Wind... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:North America headed for environmental disaster- report... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:Researchers say 2001 was a particularly deadly year for earthquakes, with 65 significant quakes worldwide blamed for killing more than 21,000 people. - MSNBC
1/9/2002:Legislation that would limit aid to 'factory farms' draws support - Nando Times
1/9/2002:Pollution case set for state trial in Alabama - Nando Times
1/9/2002:Many North American plants, animals threatened despite greater land protection, study says - Nando Times
1/8/2002:Plastic bridge in Adirondacks sparks debate  - CNN
1/8/2002:LLNL Scientists to Present Global Warming Mitigation Tool for Ridding the Atmosphere of Excess Carbon  - Eureka Alert
1/8/2002:INEEL-managed team identifies promising alternative to waste incineration  - Eureka Alert
1/8/2002:Ice turns back Shackleton ship  - BBC
1/7/2002:2001- A deadly year for earthquakes - MSNBC
1/7/2002:Earth summit- Decade of failure...  - BBC
1/7/2002:Joint effort to conserve the Mesoamerican Reef System... - FirstScience
1/7/2002:Italy ravaged by deliberate forests fires... - FirstScience
1/7/2002:So Youre an Environmentalist; Why Are You Still Eating Meat-... - FirstScience
1/7/2002:Renewable Energy Potential in Developing Countries Examined... - FirstScience
1/7/2002:Environmentalists win restraint of loggers...  - CNN  
1/7/2002:New EPA Air Pollution Rules Stir Debate... - FirstScience
1/7/2002:Myth of Chernobyl suffering exposed... - FirstScience
1/6/2002:Drilling Method Pumps Up Floods of Conflict - Technology Review
1/6/2002:Lack of snow hurting Great Lakes - Nando Times
1/6/2002:Toxic waste alleged to be laundered via ships fuel... - FirstScience
1/6/2002:U.S., Mexico push for solution to border pollution... - FirstScience
1/6/2002:Team identifies promising alternative to waste incineration  - Eureka Alert
1/5/2002:Japan cools on climate pact  - BBC
Plot to undermine global pollution controls revealed
 - New Scientist
1/5/2002:Afghanistan faces an environmental crisis - New Scientist
1/5/2002:Secret club crippled UN environment talks- report - SpaceDaily
1/5/2002:Environmental groups sue government to force compliance with alternative fuel law - ABC
1/5/2002:Hassle-free fire logs provide eco-friendly ambiance... - Nando Times
1/5/2002:Environmentalists Fret Continued Growth of Light-Truck Sales... - L. A. Times
1/4/2002:Ice crystal discovery is good news for avalanche prediction - New Scientist
1/4/2002:Sudden Ice Age or World Drought Possible, Study Says - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/4/2002:Security system in place around Klamath irrigation project - Nando Times
1/4/2002:Environmentalists- Who Is Saving What? - L. A. Times
1/4/2002:The Decline of the Mexican Prairie Dog... - FirstScience
1/3/2002:World Temperature Second Highest on Record  - Yahoo
1/3/2002:Critics question Sierra Nevada forestry review  - CNN  
1/3/2002:Army, endangered tortoises square off  - CNN  
1/3/2002:Bangladesh bans polythene  - BBC
1/3/2002:Acid rain pollution halved in 15 years... - FirstScience
1/3/2002:In Antarctica, Older Is Better  - Wired News
1/2/2002:Warmer Earth Means Wackier Weather - ABC
1/2/2002:Agent Orange hotspots located  - BBC
1/2/2002:Forest chief wants to end 'analysis paralysis'  - CNN  
1/2/2002:Japan casts aside Kyoto agreement- report... - FirstScience
1/2/2002:Oil firm seeking review of RP environment law... - FirstScience
1/2/2002:Of mice and men... - FirstScience
1/2/2002:Scientific sleuths analyze California oil spill... - Nando Times
1/2/2002:Honduras community fights for small-scale ecotourism instead of massive resorts 

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