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This post comes from the inspiration and some actual wording used by Beth Holland in her original post on Edudemic and Tracy Sockalosky


What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome Extensions are tools that live inside of your Chrome Browser and provide additional functionality by connecting to other web utilities. As illustrated in the image below, these extensions can be accessed by clicking on icons near your address bar – similar to clicking on a bookmark.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Student Learning

NEW Ad Blocker Plus – takes out the annoying adds before a video starts…Yes you read that right. This is my new favorite URL Shortner – This url shortener is an extension which allows you to shorten the current website URL with the Google URL Shortener right on the spot. It also allows you to make QR codes quickly and easily – putting it right on the screen for students to see and access.

Clip to Evernote –  Use Evernote to save your ideas, experiences and inspirations, then easily access them all at any time from anywhere. Great for student portfolios or understanding the importance of tagging for organization. For a great resource watch The Secret Weapon. Then use the extension Powerbot for Gmail to make it work with gmail.

Awesome ScreenShot – Capture the entire page or any portion of a page, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click, then share that with your students or have them share it with each other.

Tab Scissors – Student can take two tabs and put them both on one screen, so they can work on research and a document all at the same time.

Readability – This provides a better way to read online, turning any web page into a comfortable reading view right in your web browser. It eliminates ads and other information that can be confusing for a student.

Pronunciation Tools – Best free online chrome app for word pronunciation. When students don’t know how to  pronounce something it does it for them, allowing them to learn it right the first time and to repeat it until they can do it correctly.

Watch Doc – Want to know when someone has made a change to a document without having to go back and look? Install this extension so you will know when there has been a change

YouTube Options– Take all the bad stuff away from YouTube Video with this chrome extension. Remove comments and recommended videos. Great for younger audiences.

QuickMark QR Codes – lets kids go to QR codes by right clicking on them, so you can send out a list of resources they can easily access with out having a tablet or smartphone.

ReadWrite  – highlight the words press create and magiacally a vocabulary list with symbols is populated. Crazy cool tool.

—->The following were written and curated by Beth Holland

Ginger  – Take spelling and grammar checking to the next level when using Drive and Gmail. Ginger was originally designed as a software to support students with dyslexia, but it has proven helpful for all. A contextual spelling and grammar checker, Ginger provides support that is actually helpful! We also find the pleasant light blue highlighting to be far more preferable than the red squiggly line.

Clearly – Use Clearly to improve your on-screen reading experience. With the click of an icon, Clearly strips out extraneous images and distractions, leaving you with a “clear” set of text to consume. In connecting Clearly to an Evernote account, it is also possible to highlight, add annotations, and save the page with your notes directly to a designated Evernote notebook.

One Tab – Social bookmarking tools are excellent, but how many times have you followed a chat on Twitter or spent time on Pinterest only to find yourself with 30 tabs opened when you finally finish browsing? What used to be a mess upon opening your computer in the morning is now an organized tab thanks to OneTab. With the click of a button, all open tabs are reduced into a list in OneTab. Options within OneTab allow you to choose which sites you would like removed from the list, lock the list, name the lists for organization, or share the list as a webpage. Love social bookmarking? Bookmark the list! Have a list you think another person would appreciate? Share it with ease.

PicMonkey – The process of finding and editing photos becomes a snap with the PicMonkey extension. On a website that has pictures that you want to grab, click the PicMonkey button and all of the pictures on the site will appear as buttons. Selecting the picture that you wish to alter and save will pull that picture into a new PicMonkey tab in which you can choose to make modifications to the picture (crop, color, exposure, redeye, add frames and text, themes and more!), and the save to your computer. The service is free. An upgrade gives you some additional features, but the free version is robust enough to meet the needs of most users.

Add to Drive – Once this extension has been installed into Chrome, you can quickly and easily save links, images, and pages directly to your Drive account. This makes curation even faster when gathering elements for projects.

Google Dictionary – Click on any word displayed within the Chrome browser and instantly open a dictionary as well as hear a pronunciation. Foreign words can be translated, and full definitions can be accessed. This is extremely useful for students struggling to decode words or comprehend complex passages.

Print Friendly – Based off of the web service available at, using this extension within Chrome not only creates printer-friendly versions of online resources, but also generates images and PDF files to share with students. Especially when working in mobile classrooms where students need to annotate digital texts, Print Friendly saves time and streamlines the process of providing digital content to students.

Announcify – Let Chrome do the Talking! There are several text-to-speech options available today, but Announcify distinguishes itself with a few features. With the click of the happy little eyes button, it converts web articles into speech, opens them in a new tab, and reads without having to select any text. The key feature is that it blurs out the text that is not being read making it easy to track while listening. Options for the extension include adjusting speech volume, pitch and rate.


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