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Nomads Year 113

AGM March 1st 2016

John Nagenda

Vice President

         David Alexander            Tom Brockton        Michael Blumberg       

     President Emeritus                                         President & Hon Sec   

                President 1978-2002           Club Captain 2012-               President 2007-                

Tony Whiteway

Vice President & Hon Treasurer


Nomads is a wandering cricket club. We have no ground nor clubhouse. We have wandered about the Home Counties since the 1904 cricket season and toured further a field. We have regularly toured overseas since the 1920s and usually have four or five trips to Continental Europe each summer interspersed with longer tours to India, East Africa and Caribbean. We play a fair amount of midweek cricket, particularly in July and August, every Sunday from late April to October, Bank Holidays and a few Saturdays. We prefer 'Time' or 'Declaration games and still maintain the traditional of the  all day match with a dozen or more such fixtures  in our current list.


Nomads' membership is very broad and diverse, in age and ability, and encompasses a multiplicity of nationalities both from the senior cricket countries as well as many new ones and indeed some women cricketers.  Our teams change from week to week and tour to tour. You meet many new people, make new cricket friends and visit many new grounds, some grand and some very picturesque.


This website tells our story over a century and in great detail since the millenium. Do browse through it at your leisure and if you like  what you see and read, don't hesitate to join us as  a player, umpire, scorer or supporter.



2015 Season

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1962-2015 Played 1972  Won 707  Drawn 520 Tied  7  Lost  738

The record before 1962 is incomplete

 2016 Arranged  Cancelled 1 Played 3 Won 2 Tied 0 Drawn 1 Lost 0


2016 Tours  Spain Alfas  March  & October  Menorca April  
Rome  April
Paris August  Montenegro September

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Michael Blumberg - Hon Secretary
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