Cancer Prevention and... Treatment?

Food and Cancer

  1. Broccoli, Cauliflower And Genetic Cancer
  2. Cysteine Containing Chewing Gum For The Prevention Of Upper Digestive Tract Cancers?
  3. Drinking Tea Associated With Lower Risk Of Ovarian Cancer
  4. Eating Fruits And Vegetables Associated With Reduction In Cardiovascular Disease, But Not Cancer
  5. Encouraging Results For Folic Acid As A Cancer Prevention Drug
  6. High-vegetable Diet Linked To Protection Against Pancreatic Cancer
  7. Low-fat Diet's Benefits For Women Less Than Expected
  8. More Evidence Of Cancer Fighting Benefit From Nutrients In Certain Vegetables
  9. Blueberries tackle bowel cancer
  10. Fat 'counters vitamin C benefits'
  11. Fibre 'lowers breast cancer risk'
  12. How spicy foods can kill cancers
  13. Pomegranate juice 'can slow prostate cancer'
  14. Less meat 'means a longer life'
  15. Olive oil acid 'cuts cancer risk'
  16. Processed meat cancer risk link
  17. Red meat 'linked to cancer risk'
  18. Red meat 'ups breast cancer risk'
  19. Watercress 'may cut cancer risk'
  20. Chemists develop new method for synthesizing anti-cancer flavonoids
  21. Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Poor Oral Hygiene
  22. Blueberries Contain Chemical That May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
  23. Chemicals In Curry And Onions May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
  24. Does Too Much Protein In The Diet Increase Cancer Risk?
  25. New Research On Cancer-fighting Foods, Supplements
  26. New Year's Resolution No. 1: Prevent Cancer, Use Olive Oil
  27. Plant Compound In Diet Associated With Decreased Risk Of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
  28. Pro-vitamin E Shown To Be Active Against Breast Cancer Cells
  29. Rice Bran Could Reduce Risk Of Intestinal Cancer
  30. Tea Extracts Help Treat Damaged Skin In Cancer Patients
  31. Study: Red meat raises breast cancer risk
  32. A low-carb diet may stunt prostate tumor growth
  33. Cancer -- New Natural Remedies!
  34. DCA Discussion Forum - preparing sodium dichloroacetate
  35. Be thin to cut cancer, study says
  36. Broccoli 'stops' prostate cancer
  37. Cancer hope for green tea extract
  38. Coffee and exercise 'save skin'
  39. Grapefruit link to breast cancer
  40. Purple tomato 'may boost health'
  41. Tea 'could cut skin cancer risk'
  42. Vitamin E linked to lung cancer
  43. Broccoli Extract Could Help Head Off Skin Cancer
  44. Broccoli Protects Skin From Sun Damage
  45. Broccoli sprout extract protects skin from UV-induced damage
  46. Chemopreventive agents in black raspberries identified
  47. Cranberries may improve chemotherapy for ovarian cancer
  48. Digestive process affects anti-cancer activity of tea in gastrointestinal cells
  49. Do everyday foods influence risk of prostate cancer?
  50. Extract of broccoli sprouts may protect against bladder cancer
  51. Fruits, vegetables and teas may protect smokers from lung cancer
  52. Grape powder blocks genes linked to colon cancer
  53. Ingredient found in green tea significantly inhibits breast cancer growth in female mice
  54. Mounting evidence shows red wine antioxidant kills cancer
  55. Ovarian cancer risk not affected by alcohol and smoking, but reduced by caffeine
  56. Researchers identify cancer preventive properties in common vitamin supplement
  57. An Apple Peel A Day Might Keep Cancer At Bay
  58. Black Raspberries Yield Possible Skin Cancer Treatment
  59. Boiling Broccoli Ruins Its Anti-cancer Properties, According To Study
  60. Can A Mediterranean Diet Help Prevent Colon Cancer?
  61. Eat Your Broccoli: Study Finds Strong Anti-Cancer Properties In Cruciferous Veggies
  62. Marine Biotechnologists Treat Cancer With Mud-loving Ocean Bacteria
  63. Molecular Biologists Devise Strategy To Starve Brain Tumors
  64. Broccoli and Other Vegetables Linked with Decreased Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  65. How Certain Vegetables Combat Cancer
  66. Ancient War Paint In Fight Against Breast Cancer
  67. From And For The Heart, My Dear Valentine: Broccoli
  68. Tobacco And Alcohol Use Independently Increase Risk Of Head And Neck Cancer
  69. Fruits And Veggies Not Likely Linked To Colon Cancer Risk
  70. Combination Therapy Spares Some Head And Neck Patients From Surgery
  71. Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables: One Extra Serving Per Day May Lower Your Risk Of Head And Neck Cancer
  72. Exceeding '5 A Day' Guide For Veggie, Fruit Intake Doesn't Reduce Chance Of Breast Cancer Recurrence, Study Finds
  73. Biochemists Develop Proteomic Test For Breast Cancer
  74. Reduced Dietary Fat Intake May Decrease Breast Cancer Recurrence
  75. Breast Cancer: Diet High In Vegetables, Fruit And Fiber May Cut Risk Of Cancer Recurrence In Women Without Hot Flashes
  76. Reducing The Risk Of Breast Cancer- Review Examines Prevention Strategies In U.S.
  77. Breast Conserving Therapy Safe For Hereditary Breast Cancer
  78. Most Triple-negative Breast Cancers Express Muc-1 Target
  79. Younger Breast Cancer Patients Have Greater Chance Of Recurrence, Especially After Certain Treatments
  80. Flaxseed Stunts The Growth Of Prostate Tumors
  81. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Risk Of Advanced Prostate Cancer
  82. Omega-6 Fatty Acids Cause Prostate Tumor Cell Growth In Culture
  83. Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Slow Prostate Cancer Growth
  84. Altering Fatty Acid Levels In Diet May Reduce Prostate Cancer Growth Rate
  85. Pregnant Women Consuming Flaxseed Oil Have High Risk Of Premature Birth
  86. Sciencedaily: Folic Acid Supplements Do Not Appear To Reduce Risk Of Colorectal Tumors
  87. Folic Acid Supplementation Provided In Utero, But Not After Birth, May Protect Offspring From Colorectal Cancer
  88. Health Benefits, Consequences Of Folic Acid Dependent On Circumstances
  89. Calcium May Only Protect Against Colorectal Cancer In Presence Of Magnesium
  90. Folic Acid Supplementation Does Not Appear To Reduce Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases
  91. ScienceDaily: Long-term Use Of Adult-strength Aspirin Linked To A Moderate Decreased Cancer Risk
  92. Regular Use Of Selective COX-2 Inhibitors Decreases Risk Of Breast Cancer
  93. Meta-Analysis Shows Aspirin Can Reduce Recurrence of Colon Polyps
  94. Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk Of Common Type Of Breast Cancer, Study Suggests
  95. Long-term Aspirin Use Associated With Reduced Risk Of Dying In Women
  96. Omega-3 kills cancer cells
  97. Omega-3 fatty acids protect against Parkinson's, study says
  98. Why fish oil is good for you
  99. Altering Fatty Acid Levels in Diet May Reduce Prostate Cancer Growth Rate
  100. Breakthrough in treating premature babies
  101. Maternal fish consumption aids infants in problem-solving
  102. Shark Cartilage Shows No Benefit As A Therapeutic Agent For Lung Cancer
  103. Shark Cartilage Cancer 'Cure' Shows Danger Of Pseudoscience
  104. Risks Outweigh Benefits Of Shark Cartilage As Anti-cancer Treatment
  105. Some Vitamin Supplements Don't Protect Against Lung Cancer
  106. Certain Vitamin Supplements May Increase Lung Cancer Risk, Especially In Smokers
  107. Neither Vitamin C Or E Associated With Reduced Risk Of Prostate Cancer, Or Other Cancers
  108. No Protective Effect On Cancer From Long-term Vitamin E Or Vitamin C Supplementation, Trial Shows
  109. Folic Acid, B Vitamins Do Not Appear To Affect Cancer Risk
  110. Scientists develop new cancer-killing compound from salad plant
  111. Four-in-One- Targeted Gene Suppression in Cancer Cells
  112. Study: Folic Acid Doesn't Prevent Polyps
  113. Vaccine to prevent colon cancer being tested in patients
  114. Synthetic cocoa chemical slows growth of tumors in human cell lines
  115. Carrots cooked whole contain more anti-cancer compound
  116. Key found to how tumor cells invade the brain in childhood cancer
  117. Gene findings revealing reasons for neuroblastoma risk
  118. Research uncovers clues to virus-cancer link
  119. Scientists Find Faster, Cheaper Way to Identify Cancer-Causing Genes
  120. Tart cherries may reduce factors associated with heart disease and diabetes
  121. Research identifies new link between tart cherries and risk factors for heart disease
  122. Nanocurry vs. Cancer
  123. Vitamin D May Not Reduce Cancer Deaths
  124. No association found between vitamin D concentration in blood and risk of prostate cancer
  125. Study links vitamin D to colon cancer survival
  126. Variant of vitamin D receptor gene linked to melanoma risk
  127. Vitamin D and breast cancer risk
  128. Many breast cancer patients take high doses of antioxidants despite possible consequences
  129. New Model Suggests Role of Low Vitamin D in Cancer Development
  130. Multivitamins are no magic bullet panacea
  131. Health Tip: Are Vitamin Supplements Worthwhile or Not?
  132. Altering Fatty Acid Levels in Diet May Reduce Prostate Cancer Growth Rate
  133. Chinese food fights breast cancer
  134. Mushroom magic fights cancer
  135. Vegetarians 'get fewer cancers'
  136. High IQ link to being vegetarian
  137. Vegetarian diet 'cuts heart risk'  
  138. Vitamin D hope in prostate cancer
  139. Sun 'cuts prostate cancer risk'
  140. Vitamin pill for prostate cancer
  141. Prostate screening to be reviewed
  142. Walnuts may prevent breast cancer
  143. Extracts from reishi mushroom and green tea shows synergistic effect to slow sarcoma
  144. Tea for the treatment of type-2 diabetes
  145. Study finds that green tea blocks benefits of cancer drug
  146. Buck Institute making progress on aging process
  147. Green Tea May Delay Onset of Type 1 Diabetes
  148. Fatty fish protects against prostate cancer
  149. A lethal cancer knocked down by one-two drug punch
  150. Common diabetes drug may 'revolutionize' cancer therapies
  151. Omega-3 kills cancer cells
  152. Altering Fatty Acid Levels in Diet May Reduce Prostate Cancer Growth Rate
  153. Maternal fish consumption aids infants in problem-solving