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SEO - why bother about?

You may already have a fabulous website, a big investment in design, functionality. But if no-one sees it, it’s no asset at all. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help bring the traffic and audience you need.

How SEO can help your business

The two main benefits of Search engine optimisation are timing and cost.

Timing because customers will find you at the moment they are searching for or intending to purchase. Cost, because SEO is probably the lowest sustained cost and highest ROI of all forms of marketing activity.

Of course online sales will take place, but only if people know about, or can find, your site and your offer.

Great SEO work puts your site in front of all you customers.  Good SEO work puts you on page 1. However, as  80% of  clicks go to the top 3 positions you really need to be expert - anything from position 4 down is also-ran and you lose most of your ROI.  

SEO is not the be-all and end-all though. Other marketing methods include PPC, Online Marketing, Email campaigns, offline advertising and should be used. But over time SEO is the most consistent and highest ROI.

So why bother with SEO? Study after study shows that individuals and corporate buyers invariably use Search engines to research competitive offers. The fact they are researching means they have started the purchase process – and your offer needs to be in the first 3 positions.

We also believe in, and practise, key-phrase domination. For example we target the key-phrase “footage library software” for Big Easy Footage Libraries. Our work on this phrase has yielded 14 out of the first 15 positions on Google globally. Competitors are forced to pay for increasingly expensive PPC campaigns to even appear on the page.  Additionally our research suggest that conversion rates are 60% higher  for “natural search” positions than PPC. It’s because customers expect the company at No#1 to be better and more efficient that those having to pay to advertise.

People who are already in the purchase process come to your site from a search engine because they have used a keyphrase to find the product or service. Customers review the results and decide your site is worth visiting and learn about your offer; these people are potential clients in the mood to buy.

Many web agencies are spawned from Ad agencies – the business model is to spend money on largely unquantifiable advertising and take a commission and a fee. And for Agencies it’s much easier to do this that become expert in the arcane world of nano-detail that creates effective and sustainable SEO. But generally speaking much fewer visitors will click on display or banner ads because they are wary they will be led into a sales process rather than allowing them to control the research interaction.

SEO benefits for business:

  • SEO creates sustainable levels of traffic bringing people to your site
  • SEO bring people who are already engaged in the purchase process.
  • SEO delivers a huge 30% of all business enquiries in comparison with alternative higher cost and less quantifiable results with online and offline  advertising

How SEO works

Rank high  > get traffic

As we have established, if your site is lower than position 3 on the first results page you are not getting the full benefit of your investment.

So how do you do this?

There are many, many people who readily give SEO advice. You’ll find them on every corner, in every bar and restaurant, in every company. As always, they know everything about everything, usually delivered with very strong opinions. We note, however, that these people are rarely employed as full time SEO technicians or strategists. Our SEO experience – over two decades – is that unqualified opinionistas are the single biggest reason for SEO failures. Simply put, they parrot out- dated third hand knowledge. Harsh? It’s your money they will waste, not their own.

SEO skills and strategies evolve constantly. Google, for example, has around two hundred touch points that it’s algorithms use to decide whether your page is worthy of being put in the no#1 spot. Even when you get there the algorithms change, and you competitors are hard t work to dislodge you.

You have probably already heard about metadata, keywords, titles, keyword density, links and so on. But one single word in the wrong position can make the difference between No#1 and page 5. Success and failure within 5 characters.

If you have read the page by this point you will probably be interested with our SEO FAQ section, SEO recommendations to site owners, SEO promotion processes and How Google works section.

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