SPI 140: Productivity and the Early Morning Routine with Hal Elrod

Productivity and the Early Morning Routine with Hal Elrod

I can’t wait for you to hear the amazing story this week’s guest has to share. He’s Hal Elrod, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, success coach, and all-around inspiring guy. Hal’s here this week to share how he became a productivity master, and bounced back from huge life setbacks, with the help of a morning routine.

When I first started hearing all the buzz over morning routines, I thought, what’s the big deal? I’m not a morning person by choice. I do most of my work after 9:00pm, so I can spend my daytime hours with my kids. Being a night owl seemed to be working out perfectly for me.

Why fix something that’s not broken?

Then I read (and re-read) Hal’s book The Miracle Morning, and I finally got the buzz. You might remember when I featured the book in my post on five books I read more than once this year and how quickly that post went viral.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Hal by Michael Port from Book Yourself Solid and Session #130 of the SPI Podcast. Once we met, I knew I had to have Hal on the show.

Hal also has one special piece of advice for making 2015 your best year ever. I can’t wait for you to hear Hal’s amazing story and the brilliant advice he has to share.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Hal’s journey from record-breaking Cutco salesman, to hospital patient, and back. (Hint: he was pronounced dead for 6 minutes)
  • The six key steps of a morning routine.
  • Why you’ve got to try out a morning routine, no matter where you are in your life or career.
  • Why you may want to switch from being a night owl to an early riser. Trust me, I was skeptical.
  • Hal’s “five-minute rule” for dealing with setbacks and tough situations.
  • Advice for letting go of the things you can’t change about 2014.
  • Why your fresh start in 2015 starts today, not January 1st.

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Thanks again for joining me, and a very special thanks to Hal for sharing his story. Until next time!


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  • http://virtualpioneer.com Ben Murray VirtualPioneer.com

    Great interview Pat. I’ve found that when it comes to a morning routine the more tasks one can automate (ie: what to eat, what to wear, etc.) the more productive, quality energy can be focused on the important things in our business (and life) we ought to be spending time focusing on.

  • Val’s Bytes

    Great interview Pat! I wonder, what kind of meditation are you doing? I’m doing TM (transcendental meditation) and I always feel a lot more productive than when I didn’t do it. If you’re not doing TM, I would totally suggest you look into it. Its proven to boost creativity and productivity.

    • brutzel1

      Hey Val,
      meditation has always been intriguing and I keep hearing about transcendental meditation from people like Tim Ferris etc. Can you clarify a) if you think it is worth the $1000 it costs to learn and b) why you think this can really only be taught via a 1:1 teacher-student instruction?

      I have a hard time looking at learning it but then having to spend $1000 on it!

      • Val’s Bytes

        Hi Brutzel1,
        The thing about TM is that it’s the only type of meditation of it’s kind and it’s only taught by a select few people who decide to pursue learning more about the meditation. You have to get the one on one instruction because you are given your own personal mantra based on you and you alone. For whatever reason, that mantra puts you into a trance which dips into your creativity. It’s all on TM.org. I had a great teacher who took the time to answer questions about the process and trust me, not everyone gets it right off the bat. Also, he worked with me regarding the payments. I would ask around for good teachers. He charged me like $375 cause I’m a student but he worked with others who couldn’t make the investment right off the bat.
        I mean if you look at all of the people who practice it i.e. Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Tim Ferris, Oprah, Dr. Oz and so on… you have to wonder, something must be right about this if all of these creative, successful people are doing it.
        I say, putting towards the investment might seem like a large sum but it does make a difference in your energy and life.
        If you are in Orlando, Florida, I can recommend you to an amazing teacher.

  • yopalhal

    Pat, thank you so much for having me on SPI! It really was an honor, because you are someone whose “family-oriented” values I admire and strive to emulate. :^)

    With sincere gratitude,
    – Hal

    • Dan

      Hal – just FYI, the email sign-up on your website is getting an Error 640 when I click the submit button.

      • FMFBlogger

        Yeah, I’ve tried on my phone, tablet, and laptop. Eventually, somehow, I got to a form that submitted, but I never got a confirmation email or saw a link to the chapters. I did start getting the lists emails, though, so I know it worked.

      • FMFBlogger

        For folks who haven’t found it yet, the form on miraclemorning.com worked. Got my email! :)

    • http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com Natalie Cutler-Welsh

      Hal, I started off selling CUTCO knives too! In Toronto, Canada. Now I’m in New Zealand and have my own biz & podcast ‘Go to Girl Social Media & Networking’. I loved this episode and mentioned you guys in my latest podcast. Thanks or as we say in NZ, “ta”

  • http://pullum.com/ John Pullum

    I listened to this episode just for the Hal of it.

    • http://www.athletesinrecovery.com/ Byron TGI Friday


    • yopalhal

      LOL! :^)

  • http://TheFilmBox.org/ TheFilmBox.org

    Last year I was working hard to finish my first amateur screenplay. I teach during the day and juggle a wife and three kids at night so I had NO time to write and it was frustrating.Then my friend told me about the #5amwritersclub, a twitter group of writers who get up every morning to write and motivate each other. I joined and made those early morning hours all my own. I finished my screenplay within 2 months and then went back and rewrote a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th draft. In the morning, work got done. This works.
    Now I use my morning time to write for and work on my new blog. Moral of the story is if you want something bad enough, you MAKE time for it. No excuses.

  • Jenda

    Great podcast!

    I have instantly bought the book. And I did it via link here, so I hope you get some affiliate commission for it, Pat! :)

    I have just start reading so maybe my question will be answered in MM book, but I have big trouble with getting out of bed.
    When I was going to school I have rarely overslept even if I have hitted the snooze button, because my brain just told me, I HAVE TO wake up.
    But now, I’m working from home, no teacher or boss above me. I just can’t make myself to wake up early. Even when I have to walk across room to stop alarmclock, I just come back to bed. It’s really insane, my brain is so lazy! 😀
    Any advice on this? :)

    Thanks again for the podcast! Keep it up, guys!

    • http://TheFilmBox.org/ TheFilmBox.org

      Go to bed earlier? Have the coffee pot on automatic? Put the alarm clock even farther away? It’s a habit. The first couple days you might have to force yourself but it gets easier. Think of it as a challenge. You don’t want to fail your first challenge of the day do you?

      • yopalhal

        Excellent advice! :^)

    • yopalhal

      Thanks Jenda! Your question will definitely be answered in the book. There’s an entire chapter dedicated to getting yourself out of bed, titled “The 5-Step Snooze Proof Wake Up Strategy.” I also wrote an abbreviated version of it for Entrepreneur at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238219.

      Hope that helps!

      • Jenda

        I’m already half way through your book and your strategy really works! :) Thanks, Hal!

  • Rafia

    Morning Routine

    You can create your own course to join with us and learn something to join with us. I’m a big believer in starting your day the right way because the things you do in the morning will reflect how well your whole day goes. When it comes to eating healthy and increasing the amount of exercise you do, morning is the best time to get started. If you just fix your morning routine, I guarantee you’ll start feeling better and will continue to make better choices during the day as well!…

  • http://www.athletesinrecovery.com/ Byron TGI Friday

    Pat, much gratitude for introducing Hal into my life. Just in time learning when I needed help in where I was at with what level of performance I was at… about a 4 to 5 but inching forward.

    • http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ Pat Flynn

      Time to level up! Making my way there too Byron :)

  • http://www.kashifaziz.me/ Kashif

    Excellent. This is what I needed as a New Year’s resolution. Thanks, Pat :)

  • Michel

    Wicked podcast! Thanks!

  • http://habitsforabetterlife.com/ Robbie Courtney

    Thanks Pat for having Hal on your podcast. HUGE take-away for me to learn each day to get the venting out of my system in 5 minutes or less and MOVE ON! I found myself driving in traffic this morning much calmer knowing it’s a WASTE to complain about the things (and people driving) that I have NO CONTROL over. I guess Mom was right when she said, “Son, the only thing you can control is your ATTITUDE.” Thanks Hal for sharing your story and TRUTH! Just got the Kindle version of “The Miracle Morning” (Not patient enough for the Paperback). Merry Christmas!

  • http://www.whysheid.nl Pim Stigter

    Hey Pat, Awesome podcast episode, I definitely going to try out this morning routine method. I have a question: I’m currently working full time on a day job and working on my businesses in the evening or at night. I’m more of a night person just like you. How do you spend time with your kids during the day and work in the evening and in the night and waker up super early for your morning routine? In other words: when do you sleep?!? I know that I need at least 8 hours of sleep to function normal. I’m looking forward to your response. All the best and happy holidays to you Pat! Greets, Pim from the Netherlands

    • http://www.whysheid.nl Pim Stigter

      Hello Pat, I still hope to get an answer. How do you get up earlier and still get 8 hours of sleep so you don’t burn out. Best regards, Pim

      • caycoo

        Maybe you’ll have to make do with 7…? :)

      • Rocky Kev

        I always like Arnold’s Six Rules of Success. He has a part where he recommends that you sleep 6 hours a day- and if you can’t, then sleep harder.


        I used to always complain how tired I was from the lack of sleep. Complaining made it true, even if it wasn’t. Then I stopped complaining, and my whole outlook has changed.

        • http://www.whysheid.nl Pim Stigter

          Great video, thanks for sharing. I’ll try to sleep more efficient. :)

      • yopalhal

        Pim, this is a great question to ask in The Miracle Morning Community (Facebook Group) at http://MyTMMCommunity.com. There are 34,000+ people there who are all at various stages of practicing The Miracle Morning, and I’m sure can share their experience and give you some guidance!

  • http://DigitalTriggers.io Sweeney Daniel

    Excellent podcast and great book. Actually started reading it (25%) and noticed this podcast.. had a long car ride so figured why not.

    Great as always Pat and shout out to Yo Pal

  • uberkelly

    I just ordered the book. This sounds exactly like what I need. I LOVE to sleep and HATE getting out of bed–I’ve been this way my entire life. I really hope this book can help me! I’m so lazy in the morning that I feel crappy about my productivity all day.

  • Davy Agten

    Hal El Rod and Pat thanks for the great podcast. Good we have a direct link to the two first chapters of the book as podcast listeners? Almost each link I click on Hal’s website, I end up at Amazone.

  • dave hochhaus

    Personal experience it’s not as important when you wake up as if you’re excited about what you have to do that day. Hal kind of touched on that… but if everyday is Christmas, who cares if you wake up at 4am or 11am? You’re going to get right down to it… after you get the blood pumping with a 10min workout 😀

  • http://www.ajanweb.com Cem Göknil

    I say let’s each share our experiences of doing this routine here…

  • http://www.ifonlytheytoldme.com Natalie Cutler-Welsh

    Woo hoo! Loved this episode and listened as I did my morning walk! Just mentioned you Pat (and Hal) in my latest episode of my Podcast ‘Go to Girl Social Media’. Too often I use the excuse of being a ‘busy mum’ to not get up earlier in the morning. Getting up before the kids is one of my new rituals for 2015. Just bought the book too!

  • Guest

    Really enjoyed this podcast in the gym this morning.
    Inspirational story.
    Great energy in Hal’s voice!

    Valuable tips on visualisation i.e. seeing yourself in the process and not just the outcome.
    Great job Pat – keep up the great work.
    With gratitude,
    Ray Langan

  • http://www.mindmaphero.com/ Mind Map Hero

    Really enjoyed this podcast in the gym this morning.
    Inspirational story and mindset!
    Great energy in Hal’s voice!
    Valuable tips on visualisation i.e. seeing yourself in the process and not just the outcome.
    Great job Pat – keep up the great work.
    With gratitude,
    Ray Langan

  • Missmikelah

    I’m more of a listener/lurker and this is one of the most inspiring podcasts. Totally made me want to re-envision how I start my day, everyday.

  • http://lifestoked.com/ Deacon Bradley

    Just finished my first week of Miracle Morning. WOW what a difference. I’ve tried waking up early before, but something about what Hal is teaching is created a recipe that is really working for me.

  • http://www.showercurtainhq.com/ Jennifer DePaoli

    this episode made me cry! thanks so much for sharing your story Hal! From now on I am only aloud to vent for 5 minutes – this one tip is going to totally change the funk I am in.

  • http://mrapp.pl/ Marcin Hinz

    Those guys also talk about morning routine: https://the-podcast.squarespace.com/34

    For me, If I have training in the morning – routine is easy to do. If not… it’s impossible to assign routine to morning duties. 😉