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Evolve Game Accessibility Breakdown

Below is a list (as recommended by the Game Accessibility Guidelines) of accessibility options and features we’ve included in Evolve . We are currently exploring how we can improve on these features in the future. Stay tuned to our forums for updates to these features down the line, where applicable.



Controller support:

 Button remapping based on swapping inputs on preset control schemes

5 Hunter Pre-set controller schemes

4 Monster Pre-set controller schemes

4 Left stick/right stick layouts

Look sensitivity

Look Inversion

Vibration toggle

Aim assist toggle

Automatic Sprint

Remappable controls for controllers are currently not supported

  Keyboard/Mouse Support:

Keybinding Remapping

Mouse Sensitivity

Look inversion

2 Monster ability trigger settings

Aim toggle

Automatic sprint

Most gameplay does not require simultaneous actions (such as click and drag), but some menus and observer mode does require this action

The mouse must be used to navigate the menu, keyboard does not work for this

  No button mashing or quick time events



Separate sliders for Music, Effects/Cinematics, Voice Chat and Dialog

Subtitles (all spoken word) provided:

Asked preference before starting the game

Speaker listed at start of each line

Centered at the bottom of the screen


Sanserif font

High contrast for easy reading

Deaf players will have some information lost for non-speech that is not subtitled (ie Daisy howl, monster footsteps, wildlife, etc) but with only minor impact to gameplay



All interactive objects are clearly marked

Colorblind Mode:

 Settings Deuteranopia, Tritanopia, Protanopia

Changes to Hunter name tags to show the icon above them while the mode is on (for other Hunters)

Custom FX implementation for the following:

Markovs mines

Blitz Markovs mines

Blitz Markovs Lightening gun

Hanks Orbital Barrage targeting

Cabots Dust Tagging Targeting

Ping updates to use symbols

General ping (yellow circle)

Monster ping

Elite Wildlife

Threatening wildlife

Non threatening wildlife



Additional PC Options

3 Head bobbing settings

Supports Windowed Mode

Field of view adjustments

  Tutorials available

Available to replay at any time, as many times as wanted

No timer for completion

No way to fail

  In-game notifications can be turned on and off

Help text can be reset at any time

Single player 3 difficulty levels

Can be adjusted dynamically in game without restarting

  Players are able to mark locations on screen via a ping.

When contextually appropriate, the player character will speak about an item that has been pinged (such as monsters or wildlife locations)

  All areas of the UI can be accessed by using the same input as gameplay (no switching between keyboard and controller needed)

Autosave feature implemented