Debt Dispute Program

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The Debt Dispute Program is a Relatively New Program in the World of Debt Relief.

WHAT IS Debt Dispute?

Debt Dispute is not a Debt Settlement Program, Modification, or Negotiation.

Debt Dispute requires debt collectors to prove that a Debt is 100% legal, collectable, Valid and Verified or you should pay nothing!

You Will Want To Strongly Consider This FTC Approved Program If Any Of The Below Applies To You!

  1. You have unpaid credit card or other debts.
  2. If you are being harassed by debt collectors.
  3. If you feel you might have been charged excessive fees, or have defaulted on loans.
  4. If You cannot or would rather not declare Bankruptcy.


  • 100% Refund for any debt a creditor successfully validates.
  • At The End Of The Program Negatives Are Removed From Your Credit Report.
  • Stops Creditor Phone Calls.
  • Costs Less Then Debt Settlement. (Click Here To See The Chart)
  • Simple Enrollment Process.
  • Note: This program is not available in the following states:
    CO, CT, KS, MS, NH, VT, WA, WV, WI & WY.
  • Total Minimum debt must be at least $5000.00