Thanks for having our back!

  • October 2, 2012

Looks like D.C. has some serious BALLERS in the House (of Representatives, that is!).

We’re giving these 7 members of Congress a BIG Bucky hi-five for their letter in support of our fight with the CPSC. At a time when we’re fighting to save our business, it’s nice to know someone out there has our back. Read their letter below:

John Dunderdale
Wednesday, 10.3.12 @ 2:14 am
It is encouraging to see a glimmer of sanity amongst our Representatives. I am a registered Republican that voted for Obama and will probably do so again. If these representatives are Republicans then I hope our President will take this as a wake-up call to check the activities of the CPSC and the pandering of the Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for New York.

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